May 22, 2022 12:17 am

Vox increases the pressure on Ayuso and denounces the “kidnapping” of the Madrid Parliament




The Vox spokeswoman in the Madrid Assembly, Dew Monastery, has started the political course by increasing the pressure against the president of the Communityd Isabel Diaz Ayuso, denouncing the “kidnapping of the Parliament of Madrid” because “since December we have been asking for an extraordinary plenary session, first for the health issue and now for all this information from the centers for minors, from the girls in care.”

Monastery wants to celebrate a extraordinary full for the Minister of Family and Social Policies to appear, Dancausa Conception, and provide all the information in relation to the minors who were part of this network of sexual exploitation. The spokesperson for the formation of Abascal he warns that “when governing, one must show one’s face, not take a step back and hide”.

Monasterio remembers that they already let him knowl Government of the Community his interest in «knowing all the details of what is happening in the centers for minors with the girls in care, the people of Madrid deserve an explanation. The Government would do well to leave as soon as possible, with this plenary session, to explain the information it has, which we already know that it does not have all of it.

The Vox leader He insists that “for a long time, in the campaign, they already heard us talk about juvenile centers. On July 15, we asked Councilor Dancausa a question aimed at improving, controlling, and monitoring juvenile centers, and if she had listened to us, she would have been able to control what is happening. We continue to ask, we have once again submitted a document to convene a Board of Spokespersons and an extraordinary table to convene the plenary session. Parliament cannot be sequestered for the entire month of January.”

Give the information

Vox has spoken directly with the People’s Party about this request. “We have spoken personally with the PP in this line because when there is a problem, when news of the importance of this arises, the Community Government has the duty to act as a father when it protects some girls, to know with whom they are related ».

Monastery considers it “counterproductive to hide, hide and protect Minister Dancausa” and aput for «going out to give the information submitting to the questions. From a loyal position we will try to help as much as possible »

In relation to the study commission that the Socialist Group has requested, Monasterio points out that “last week we asked the Government that the PP open, on its own initiative, that commission to study these centers so that they are the ones who lead all that work that must be done to protect the kids. It seems cynical to me that the left, which in the Balearic Islands and Valencia have not been able to open the investigation commission» wants to claim it in Madrid.

Monasterio trusts that the Community of Madrid will lead this issue and «it is not necessary to exert pressure and they know what their responsibilities are. When you are governing, you have to show your face, not take a step back and hide. We hope that the Government of Ayuso takes the initiative, is right and the girls are protected.

covid protocol

On the other hand, Monasterio showed its concern with the Covid protocol in schools, stating that it is “a shame that children who are not vaccinated are sent home. It is a covert Covid passport in schools that forces fathers and mothers to be at home”, and since they cannot request sick leave, they have to reduce salary and working hours. The Vox spokeswoman showed herself against of “discrimination among the vaccinated. We are studying the legal measures to dismantle it in the Community of Madrid ».

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