May 18, 2022 9:00 am

Video: the dramatic moment when the roof of the Rosario Children’s Sanatorium collapsed

The storm that affected Rosario on Sunday caused at night the collapse of part of the roof of the guard of the Children’s Sanatorium located in Alvear 863, between Córdoba and Rioja streets in the macrocentro.

The moment in which part of the durlock that covers the ceiling of the entrance hall collapsed was recorded by a security camera. First water began to enter through the luminaries, each time with greater intensity. Within a few seconds, a large plate fell and hung over the sector in which there were about ten people, most of them mothers with their children who were waiting to be seen by health professionals and immediately evacuated the place.

The roof of the guardhouse of the Rosario Children’s Sanatorium collapsed

As detailed Rosario 3, There were no injuries due to the fall of the roof, which could not withstand the weight of the water and gave way.. The causes of the disaster were explained by the institution’s medical coordinator, Hannibal Krivoy, in dialogue with Three: “There was a problem with one of the main storm drains, which caused a discharge of water on the masonry of the ceiling of durlock that did not resist and fell to the floor. The water was the one that warned so that there would be no one. The materials that fell are light, so we estimate that they would not have caused injuries either.”

Krivoy explained that the shock room, plaster and suture areas, which he defined as “the hottest”, were not affected and that general attention was immediately restored in another sector of the building. “The cause was solved and now only the repair of the damage remains. We worked continuously all night and we estimate that in the course of today and tomorrow it will be resolved,” he concluded.

Since around 10pm yesterday the Santa Fe region in which it is located Rosario was covered by an intense storm that included around 25 millimeters of rain and strong winds. There were also falling trees and blowing up roofs. that worried the residents of the city and its surrounding towns. In San Lorenzo, for example, around 80 families lost the roof of their houses, reported The capital. The storm lasted until around 3 this Monday.

A blown up roof in the town of Puerto San Martín

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) forecasts “storms” for the rest of the day in Rosario with between 10 and 40% chance of precipitation. For the night, the intensity of the winds is expected to increase with gusts of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The Children’s Sanatorium rosarino specializes in pediatrics and was founded more than 50 years ago by a group of doctors who were mostly university professors and whose goal is for children to have an institute that is especially dedicated to caring for them.

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