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Vicente Aleixandre’s house has been uninhabitable since 2001




The sentence that last April ordered the sale in judicial public auction of the house of Vicente Aleixandre It is not the only lawsuit that the heirs of the poet have faced. Last December, the Court of First Instance number 5 of Madrid ruled in favor of the second niece of the Nobel Prize winner, owner of sixty percent of the property, by condemning the Merlo-Usera branch to pay almost 30,000 euros that they owed for common expenses. The heirs who own the other forty percent of the property, who will present an appeal in the next few days, accused the plaintiff of not giving them the keys to the house, but the

judge has not given them the reason.

The ruling details that Velintonia has not only been uninhabited throughout all these years, but that since 2001 does not meet the necessary technical conditions for it. The judge, based on a report prepared in January 2021, considers it proven that “the property was in a state that made it unfeasible to use it as a habitual residence or for rent.” Since 2005, the house has had no water supply, it has been damp and the light was at 125 volts. The aforementioned report “concludes that it is not possible to calculate a market rent for the property, since, for this, it is essential to undertake some reform works […] and that values ​​at about 655,000 euros, not counting those necessary for the conditioning of the garden». Another report provided, to which the judge reduces rigor, speaks of about 300,000 euros.

Risk of detachment

Already in 2009, the heirs had to deal with “urgent repair work at multiple points in the property, such as the façade, balconies, porch, etc. that threatened to detach, having to undertake the conservation and maintenance work necessary to pass the ITE [inspección técnica] of the building”. The total cost of the works exceeded 32,000 euros. Two of the Merlo-Usera brothers did not pay their proportional part, just over 3,200 euros. According to the applicant, since then these two brothers stopped paying the expenses that corresponded to them. A few years later, in 2014, the other two brothers joined in this decision. The expenses that were accrued were -and are- those corresponding to the electricity supply, maintenance of the water connection, IBI and security. Also a gardener who twice a year cleans the garden to avoid “the risk of fire and insect pests, as well as the risk that the branches of the trees could harm the neighbors or some passer-by on the public road” .

In the account of the sentence it is indicated that since 2005 the security alarm has jumped on countless occasions, “due to illegitimate interference, attempted robbery or door breakage.” In 2015, an illegal occupant even entered the property, an issue that was resolved “thanks to the rapid intervention” of the administrator. Likewise, between 2013 and 2017 the house was rented to carry out an advertising shoot. Events organized by the Association of Friends of Vicente Aleixandre with the “purpose of promoting its historical and cultural value without any profit motive”. According to the plaintiff, all the owners always agreed to hold cultural events there “so that the administrations would show interest in the purchase.”

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