May 18, 2022 7:24 pm

Trains: they announce a 24-hour stoppage for Thursday

The Superior Railway Staff Union (UPSF) announced this afternoon a stoppage in the service of all trains in the metropolitan area for next Thursday and for 24 hours in claim of absences of remuneration for seniority, payment of the daily snack and percentage by title.

Through a statement, the UPSF indicated: “The colleagues and colleagues and the public opinion in general are informed that as a consequence of the successive unresolved proposals and having exhausted the negotiations with the SOFSE companies (Lines Sarmiento, Roca, San Martín, Mitre, Belgrano Sur and Tren de la Costa, Larga Distancia and Regionales) and BCYL SA (Líneas Urquiza, Belgrano, San Martín), which correspond to: Labor discrimination due to lack or absence of remuneration for seniority, payment of daily snack, percentage of university and tertiary degrees, etc. and for the non-recognition of the rights and benefits of our members, and that other workers belonging to other union associations have, compulsory discount ‘disguised’ under the concept of solidarity contribution by the company SOFSE and other union association on our members, discrimination on the basis of their union affiliation or lack of li affiliation, unfair practice of the officials of the S,OFSE company and the refusal to sign a ‘collective labor agreement by the companies with UPSF, for our workers, is that the National Secretariat of the Union of the Superior Railway Staff calls for a general strike for 24 hours for next Thursday, January 20, starting at 0 hours.

In the following paragraph they add: “Hoping that our brother unions of the railway industry will accompany us, by sole mandate of General Juan Domingo Perón, who prays: Workers unite!”

“It is also reported that, in accordance with current legal regulations, the decision was officially informed / to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security),” the statement closes.

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