May 16, 2022 3:17 pm

Today’s latest story news Tuesday, January 18



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you will be able to know all the news and latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Tuesday, January 18 in the world and in Spain:

Three historical mysteries of Spain that Franco’s secret law does not allow to reveal

“Of particular importance are those issues whose knowledge by unauthorized persons could damage or endanger the security of the State or the fundamental interests of the Nation and which constitute the true ‘state secrets’.” The ambiguity of Law 9/1968 on official secrets has allowed the Government headed by Pedro Sánchez to hide the reports of the rescue of the ‘Plus Ultra’ airline in 2021. Something ironic if one takes into account that the text was approved during the Francisco Franco dictatorship more than half a century ago and that exudes that whiff of mothballs that the Socialist Party claims to hate so much.

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