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This Tuesday begins the trial for the largest poisoning of raptors in Castilla-La Mancha




This Tuesday the trial for the most serious case of raptor poisoning in Castilla-La Mancha, with a person allegedly accused of poisoning birds in a hunting ground dedicated to the use of hares with greyhounds in the Toledo town of Gerindote.

The events, according to Servimedia, occurred over several weeks in 2011 at the farm ‘La Casa Nueva’, where environmental and Seprona agents located 60 corpses of poisoned or shot fauna -mostly birds of prey-, among them an Iberian imperial eagle and six red kites (species listed as endangered), and other protected ones, such as 23 black kites , 5 marsh harriers, several corvids, as well as a fox and several dogs.

Ecologists in Action, SEO/BirdLife and WWF they exercise the popular accusation in this procedure, whose hearing is celebrated 11 years after taking place the facts.

The most serious poisoning of birds of prey in Castilla-La Mancha led to the precautionary suspension of hunting activity in the preserve by the provincial environmental administration.

However, the suspension lasted just a few days and the holding of a hunting competition with greyhounds was allowed again almost immediately, which posed a risk to the recovery of the populations of birds of prey in the area, according to environmental entities. .

After the long period that has elapsed since the commission of the events, two of the three initially charged have already died. The only defendant who can be judged now, and who acted as guard of the preserve, had previously been accused of a case of poisoning and hunting raptors with owls on the same farm.

The farm, at the time of the events, was dedicated to hunting hares for commercial use and championships were regularly held there.

Joint surety

In this case of massive poisoning, the entities Ecologistas en Acción, SEO/BirdLife and WWF Spain are presenting as popular accusations, which have kept the procedure alive for a decade, despite the difficulties and delays that have occurred in its processing. .

The court, at the request of the NGO accusation, decided to impose a joint bail on the three defendants of 168,000 euros for civil liability for the damage caused to the specimens.

According to WWF and SEO/BirdLife data, Toledo is the province that leads the number of poisonings of the Iberian Imperial eagle in the last decade and the fourth in number of poisonings in the case of the black vulture. For this last species, the ranking is headed by Ciudad Real, which is also the second in imperial eagle intoxications.

“This shows that Castilla-La Mancha continues to be a community in which the provision of means and application of measures against the illegal use of poison is key to the conservation of these species, given the condition they suffer from the use of this illegal method. of mass and non-selective hunting”, according to the NGOs.

The organizations consider it “urgent” for the competent ministry to pay “much greater attention to eradicating the problem” and request the approval of the review of the regional plan on this matter, the creation of a dog patrol specialized in detecting poison in the province of Toledo and the consolidation of a Poison Research Unit (Unive) throughout the autonomous community.

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