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These are the parties that present themselves to the autonomous elections of Castilla y León




The Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) collects this Tuesday the candidacies proclaimed by the Provincial Electoral Boards for the elections to the Cortes of Castilla y León, called by the president of the Board on December 20 and which will take place on February 13.

There are seven parties that are presented by the nine provinces with which the Community has, among which the Popular Party stands out, with its candidate for the Presidency, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, running for Salamanca; PSOE, with Luis Tudanca appearing as number one on the list for Burgos; and Ciudadanos, Vox and Unidas Podemos, whose candidates for the Presidency, Francisco Igea, Juan García-Gallardo and Pablo Fernández, respectively, are running for the province of Valladolid.

They also compete for the nine Pacma provinces and the Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party.

Next, the lists of candidates by electoral constituencies:


A total of ten formations attend, including Pacma, PP, Ciudadanos, the Community Integration Party, Por Ávila, United We Can, PSOE, Vox, Spanish Falange de las JONS and the Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party.


There will also be ten parties that will attend: PSOE, PP, Pacma, Cs, PCTE, Partido Castellano-Tierra Comunera, Unidos Podemos, Vox, Vía Burgalesa and Escaños en Blanco.


There are eleven candidates, including PSOE, Pacma, Coalition for El Bierzo, Prepal, UPL, PP, Citizens, PCTE, United We Can, Vox and the Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party.


PSOE, Podemos Palencia, PCTE, Por un mundo más just, PP, Despierta, Pacma, Falange Española de las JONS, Cs, Unidas Podemos, España Vaciada, Vox and the Partido Castellano-Tierra Comunera are presented.


It is the one that brings together the most candidates, with 14, among which are Pacma, PSOE, PP, UPL, Prepal, Cs, Vox, United We Can, Empty Spain, You Contribute Béjar, Volt, For a fairer world, PCTE and the Castilian-Common Land Party.


Where fewer parties attend. PP, Centrados, Cs, United We Can, PSOE, the Castilian Party-Tierra Comunera, Vox and Pacma are presented.


Ten formations attend the province of Soria, including PSOE, Pacma, PP, Cs, United We Can, the Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party, For a fairer world, Soria ¡Ya!, Vox and the Progress Party of cities of Castilla y Lion.


PSOE, Pacma, Regionalist Union, PP, PCTE, Cs, Por Ávila, Spanish Falange de las JONS, Emptied Spain, United We Can, Vox, For a fairer world and the Castilian Party-Tierra Comunera are presented.


Eleven parties attend: PSOE, Prepal, Pacma, PP, United We Can, Zamora Decide, Vox, For Zamora, UPL, Citizens and the Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party.

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