May 22, 2022 7:04 am

The spicy interdict on the air by Tito Speranza when he resigned from Radio Continental

The former member of Combat and bodyguards Ricardo Fort, Tito Speranza, he left very angry from the Continental radio show he was a part of. The anger was such that it resulted in an unfiltered interdict with the driver. Everything, as expected, it goes out to air.

The last Sunday, Titus Hope he said goodbye to the radio cycle Is today (Sundays 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Continental AM 590 radio) very angry and with a strong complaint. The former member of Combat, who became famous for pretending to be the bodyguard of Ricardo Fort, He decided to give up the radio cycle because he disagreed with some decisions that had been made in recent weeks by his host. Gabriel Ruocco. Speranza, minutes after the show began, appeared live and asked to speak for approximately five minutes.

It was obvious that he was not comfortable with what he lived on the air and, after resigning from the program, he explained the reason that ended with a spicy exchange of words with Ruocco.

Tito Speranza in his times of Combat, by Channel 9

“Hello, good afternoon… How are you? How’s everybody? Well, I’m going to steal just five minutes. I came to say that it is the last day that I am going to be on the program. I mean, I came to say goodbye, “he began.

“I always walk in the front door in a white, spotless apron and leave the same way. I do not agree with things that happened and that correspond to decisions of the program, so i step aside”, explained Esperanza.

At that moment, the driver decided to speak and said: “I want to say something… Tito is my friend, I think he makes a particular interpretation of the situation. No one, at any time, was told that I was not still on the show.” “I am going to be more clear. Since Tito had little space… Let’s see? Say here what you want to say”, he continued and invited Speranza to approach the microphone again to give his point of view.

Furious, in the distance, Tito was heard saying: “don’t lie gabriel, do not lie with anything. I say things as they are. If you have eggs, tell them”. “Yes, I have eggs,” the driver replied to which Speranza retorted: “No, you don’t have.”

Next, the operator raised the musical curtain of Cristian Castro and the discussion was no longer heard. It should be clarified that Tito is received as a journalist and specialized in sports news.

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