May 15, 2022 5:30 am

The sad reality of Juanito ‘El Golosina’: “The phone no longer rings”



Juan ‘The Candy’ is one of our most iconic artists. One of those friendly faces that do not go out of style even with the passing of the years. Last Monday, the Andalusian was a guest in the nostalgia section of Telemadrid’s ‘Good morning, Madrid’ program presented by Ricardo Altable and Laura Gómez. The artist, who was honored for his excellent professional career and not only for being the eternal and faithful companion of Lola Flores. Juanito, who suffers from respiratory complications, went to the Madrid public television studios and recalled that, in addition to being a dancer and singer, he was “a dishwasher and a necessary pawn” for the smooth running of the shows in which he participated.

With an indelible smile, ‘El Golosina’ also acknowledged having received offers to publish his memoirs but he assured that he will never reveal the secrets he keeps from his personal relationships: “I have no price” he admitted to the questions of those present.

Juanito, who claimed to maintain a good relationship with the family of ‘La Faraona’, admitted that the phone has stopped ringing: «From so many friends it seems that the phone has no battery because it doesn’t ring at all. When you’re not in the ointment, the phone doesn’t call. Three people call when before they were calls at all hours of the day, I have to admit.

During the interview on Telemadrid’s morning show, Juanito also talked about the famous song that Antonio Flores dedicated to him and he acknowledged that, contrary to what one might imagine, he did not receive any financial compensation: «The royalties went to Antonio and he passed them on to his daughter Alba. It is common in songs that are dedicated to other artists.

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