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The PP sees in the polls “an incentive” and a recognition of Mañueco’s work




Satisfaction contained within the Popular Party after knowing yesterday the result of the GAD-3 survey for Vocento published in this newspaper and in which the popular would be a little closer to their ambitious goal of achieving an absolute majority (with two seats of achieving it) and they also remain the only party with real options to govern the Community. After analyzing these data, it was the autonomous secretary of the PP of Castilla y Léon, Francisco Vázquez, who affirmed that the demographic study, which adds to the projections of previous ones, is “a demonstration” of the recognition of people for the “labor » Developed in the government of President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. This confidence of the citizens that, according to the Segovian, the surveys reflect, is “an incentive” to “work for each and every one of the Castilian and Leonese.”

Vázquez stressed that “the unity” projected by the PP of Castilla y León, with the most recent example of the Regional Congress held this past weekend and that Fernández Mañueco was re-elected as president with “an overwhelming percentage majority”, has its reflection in the latest surveys published by national media, and more specifically in yesterday’s ABC.

For the new number 2 of training in the Community, this survey gives them a majority with an estimate of 40.8 percent, which indicates that citizens are betting “like our president” on “modernization, the future and the protection of people”. Of the popular candidate, he said that citizens support a “dialoguing” government, which exercises “an inclusive leadership, leaving no one behind and thinking of the best for Castilla y León,” reports Ical.

Very different reading was the one given yesterday from the socialist ranks. With an estimate of obtaining between 27 and 28 seats, compared to 35 in the 2019 elections, the general secretary of the PSOE in Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, yesterday accused the Popular Party of the Community of “trying to demobilize” the citizens so that they “do not go to vote” with a “hasty” call for elections whose objective is not to repeat the results of a little over two years ago. “But if people mobilize, it can happen again” that the PSOE of Castilla y León wins the elections since “discontent and the need for regeneration, and for a different alternative, I feel it,” he said in an interview granted on TVE answering precisely the question about the polls that predict the victory of the popular candidate. Along these lines, he insisted that in the previous elections it was not predicted that the PP “would obtain the worst result in its history and that the PSOE would win 33 years later”, for which he concluded: “I believe in the democracy of the polls, not in the polls”.

The polls don’t bother the PSCL Organization Secretary either. For Anna Sanchez, “the best poll is the one at the polls and Mañueco is on the way to the second most resounding defeat” at the same time that he stated that in his party they do not value these polls since in the 2019 elections they were considered losers and they won “with forcefulness ». The woman from Zamora conveyed her confidence in the socialist victory by assuring that the sensations they see on the street “are very good.”

“Without discouragement”

At the national level, the spokesman for the Socialist Group in Congress, Felipe Siciale, assured that there is “no discouragement at all”, convinced that citizens are fed up with having a “Government stained by corruption”, which “uses tension” and “devalues ​​the public.”

While, the also head of the PP list for Segovia, Francisco Vázquez, remarked that Mañueco’s candidacy is “the preferred option of the majority of Castilians and Leonese” and expressed his gratitude to all the women and men who show their support for this project. The leader of the PP stressed in any case that the survey that most interests them is that of Sunday, February 13, for which he asked citizens to “go to vote at the polls.”

Vázquez also thanked his continuity at the head of the General Secretariat of the PPCyL and stressed that the figure of the president “unites the entire PP” and “reinforces his leadership to face the elections.” He also recalled that the PP had the regional leaders in this congress that will help them achieve “a sufficient majority to govern Castilla y León.”

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