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The future, now: this is the connected house that advanced the CES 2022

In each edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), it is possible to organize a visit to the House of the future, today. Now we have to take into account other things in the preview: first, of course, because this house would be reached in an electric car, perhaps autonomous. But then you have to pay attention to details and innovations that a few years ago could only be seen in a science fiction movie.

While there was no demo of a specific smart home in the halls of the CES 2022, by visiting several stands and seeing many of the products presented, it was possible to put together a puzzle or, let’s put it to make it more interesting, a guided tour.

Standing at the front door of this typical (American) suburban house, the first thing that would catch your eye is not the (fictional) house to visit, but the one across the street. And it is that there seem to be people, without a doubt, because there are lights and shadows, like people moving. And yet, there is nobody, because the only inhabitant of the house is Home Shadows, a system developed by the Austrian GeroTech which, in the best My Poor Little Angel style, simulates that there are people at home by showing shadows moving behind the lights on.

But the front door itself already has surprises in store. Is a M-Pwr Smart of the company Masonite, with fiberglass panels and that has a Yale brand smart lock and a video doorbell. It has a panel of LED lights at the top, which can be adapted to receive with different sets of colors depending on who is visiting. It connects to home Wi-Fi and uses electricity not only to run, but also to charge its internal battery so it can keep going for 24 hours if the power goes out. It has its own app to be able to control who is at the door of the house even if it is thousands of kilometers away and to be sure that the door is perfectly closed. If the battery runs out, you can still use the latch and keys, of course.

Of course the doorbell can be another, eye. And it is that the Tapo D230 by TP-Link includes a high resolution camcorder with vertical image capture, the possibility of informing the owner or mistress of the house about who is or who is at the door, since its Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows it to identify those who are approaching, whether they are people, pets, cars… and with great clarity, because the images it shows are in full color and very bright, whether the visit takes place during the day or at night. In fact, it does not matter if it rains or there is a storm, because it is resistant to both water and dust.

Invoxia presented at CES 2022 a collar designed to measure the health data of the can or feline and its location

Entering, passing a room is quite a Star Trek experience, because the interior doors do not have handles, but open with a wave of the hand. Waay By it is still a prototype of a door that opens when you move your hand, or when you bring it close to a small panel located on the side of it. It detects movement if it is opening or closing, and can be used for any room in the house.

For the reception, the labrador robot brings a tray with drinks, of which the beer stands out. This is not a commercial brand can, but a homemade one. and made with new Beer Mkr, to which you only have to add all the ingredients and, as if it were a bread machine, it will begin to mix and process them to give as a result a good home brew. Obviously, you can look for different flavors and options to make various types of beer.

Sharing a pleasant time with friends is very good, but if it’s very hot it would be good to open the windows… although you don’t even have to get up. with the system Smart Slydr, from LycheeThings, the windows (and the doors too) can be automated to open or close at your convenience, either due to changes in temperature, aerating the rooms at a certain time of day, whether the pet in the house wants to go out to the patio or come back in, or whatever. Everything can be controlled with voice commands or from an app.

If we talk about pets, there were several demonstrations of products designed for them. One of the most striking was Invoxia, a collar designed to measure the health data of the can or feline and its location, so as to be able to control them and stay calm from a distance, since all the data can be monitored from an app.

It is always polite to ask permission to go to the bathroom. And this bathroom has a special atmosphere, with a mirror like the Sound Mirror, which is activated by voice and plays music, allows you to set alarms, see the weather or control other home devices. Sound Mirror uses Wi-Fi and connects with Alexa voice services. To play music, you can play almost all existing services.

While you’re there, it’s okay to stand on the rug for a second Bbalance, from Baracoda, which acts as a scale to indicate the weight but also recommends adopting a better posture. All this information is sent to an app, from where it is possible to follow the evolution of the weight and see if the posture and balance. It includes several exercises and videos to improve posture. Of course, the ideal is to do it barefoot, because Bbalance is capable of recognizing the toe prints of each person, and sending personalized information about each person who stands on it.

If there is a lot of confidence or if you are going to be at home for a while, it is possible to take a shower. But do it with Rainstick it has something special: it recycles water, saving up to 80% of liquid and energy. In addition, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can play music on Alexa, Siri or some other personal assistant, in addition to following the details of each bathroom in an app, to see how long it took in each one and how much energy and water was saved every time. Oh, and it’s also self-cleaning, so maintenance is minimal.

Now, if the idea is to take a bath, nothing like the PerfectFill de Kohler capable of filling the bathtub to just the right temperature with just a voice command, which can be indicated through Alexa or Google. The filling of the bathtub can also be programmed with different options and from an app, because each member of the house may have different tastes in terms of the amount of water and temperatures.

Kohler's exclusive bathtub features a mist effect and will go on sale in the third quarter of 2022 for $8,000
Kohler’s exclusive bathtub features a mist effect and will go on sale in the third quarter of 2022 for $8,000

A line of household appliances of the (near) future was presented by Samsung, which with its colorful line Bespoke demonstrated at the fair that, in addition to the latest technology (all appliances can be connected to each other), they can also be combined by color and design. In terms of technology, the AI ​​washing machine is capable of determining how much water and soap it will need to do an efficient wash, the refrigerator can automatically adapt the temperature according to the amount of food inside, but it can also play music and videos from the screen that the door incorporates.

Cleaning the house, of course, is left in the hands of robot vacuum cleaners, which were presented at CES 2022 but without great news, except for the Roborock S7 MaxV, which cleans, uses a mop to go further and now comes with a base, where it not only recharges, but also cleans the mop, squeezes it, fills the water tank and also empties the vacuum cleaner tank, so its maintenance is fully automatic.

And although today it is normal to see teenagers with their faces immersed in the screens of their cell phones or tablets, every so often it is good for them to disconnect. And if they don’t do it for good, there is no other option but to send them to jail. Not to them, but to the devices. Tech-Break is a kind of safe where to shelter, temporarily, electronic equipment to cut a little with the addiction that young people (and the not so young too, let’s say everything) can have. A certain time is scheduled, the door is closed and you can enjoy a day or a while outdoors or have a friendly chat with your family.

At bedtime, nothing better than someone who can control how the body behaves when resting. Sengled Smart Health Monitoring Light is a smart lamp that uses radar frequencies to measure sleep quality, body temperature, heart rate, and various vital signs. It can also do it during the day and, if there are several lamps, they can be connected via Bluetooth to perform a kind of total control of what happens in the home, and issue alerts if something serious happens. All the information, of course, goes to an app that can be managed from the cell phone.

This would be the house of the (very near) future that could be seen in the not so crowded halls of CES 2022. Obviously, there were many more products thought and designed for the smart home, some of which are already available on the market, others will not go beyond their prototype face and many will be pleased to appear in the videos or posts made by the surprised visitors of the largest consumer fair.

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