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The forceful discharge of Wanda Nara on the alleged fight between her eldest son and Mauro Icardi

The much debated Wanda Gate – love triangle that included Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia “la China” Suarez– It was a whirlwind that revolutionized the last months of 2021. There was no movement, interaction or posting on social networks of any of the parties to the conflict that was left unanalyzed. But in the world of entertainment everything happens and, with the emergence of other controversies, the fight was in the past. Another would be the story within the home that the marriage in question shares, since it transpired that there would have been some tensions between the athlete and Valentino, the eldest son of the media. Without escaping from the controversy and to face the trascended ones, She decided to go out and clarify the many through her social networks.

Wanda Nara has five children: Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, the fruit of her relationship with Maxi López, and Francesca and Isabella, who she had with Mauro Icardi (Credit: Instagram/@wanda_nara)

The first to speak about a possible break within the businesswoman’s home was Lucía Elbusto, from the magazine Paparazzi, which conducted an analysis of the link between Mauro Icardi and the children of Wanda and Maxi López. The journalist noted that, despite the fact that the PSG player always had a great relationship with the children, after the scandal that involved the family, the oldest of the brothers would not be entirely happy.

Likewise, Juan Etchegoyen commented in Mitre Live (Radio Mitre) that in the videos that Nara recently shared in his Instagram stories Mauro was seen to have a very good relationship with his daughters and with Benedicto and Constantino, while Valentino “was seen as distant”.

Apparently, although the boys were away from the house while the scandal between Wanda and Mauro occurred, since their father went to look for them, they were not immune to the drama since all the controversy was strongly experienced on social networks. “At this time, Valentino is the most affected in this story a confidential source tells me. Constantino and Benedicto take the matter more calmly, perhaps it is because they are smaller and Valentino understands a little more of what this story is about. That’s why it’s wrong and he feels what happened as a betrayal of his own”, explained the journalist.

Wanda Nara spoke about the rumors of a fight between Valentino López and Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara spoke about the rumors of a fight between Valentino López and Mauro Icardiinstagram

It didn’t take long until the same Wanda Nara decided to break the silence and refer to the situation. The media enjoys interacting with her more than 10 million followers and, for this reason, she opened a space in her stories for them to ask her questions. In this context, one of her fans questioned her about why she did not clarify once and for all the alleged confrontation between Valentino and Mauro.

Brief but forceful the media responded: “I would spend my whole life clarifying things, and I think some of them are more than obvious.” However, that was not the only follower who wanted to know more about the remnants of the conflict. In another of the stories it was possible to read that someone rebuked Wanda asking her where her dignity had gone.

Wanda Nara, reconciliada with Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara, reconciliada with Mauro IcardiInstagram

“Are you really still in love with him? Where is the dignity and respect you deserve?, shot from anonymity. Without giving room to speculation or misunderstanding, the media assured: “Dignity is not given to me by a man. I give it to myself knowing everyone who knows me, and above all myself, the great woman I am and my way of being.

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