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The dark documentary that reveals the excesses of Hugh Hefner in the Playboy mansion

For some years, and especially since the death of the tycoon Hugh Hefner, in September 2017, different people who were part of the intimate circle of the founder of the magazine Playboy They reveal the dark behavior of the businessman in the famous mansion where orgies were held, drugs were consumed and abuses were committed.

In this sense, the documentary series Secrets of Playboy, from the American network A&E, seeks to delve even deeper into these issues and bring to light unpublished testimonies with compromising information about the actions until recently hidden from Hefner.

With Playboy, Hefner created an empire in postwar AmericaNOW

The long-awaited production has a release date of next Monday, January 24 in the United States. In total, there will be 10 chapters in which ex-girlfriends of the businessman can be heard in the first person, such as Holly Madison Y Sondra Theodore, and also to the former “Bunny Mother” -as the woman in charge of all the Playboy bunnies was called- PJ Masten.

Among the most incredible confessions to appear in the A&E documentary series is one that claims Hefner organized every week “Pig Nights” (in English, “Nights of sows”). The dynamic was bringing into the mansion prostitutes he considered “ugly” to have sex with his friends, those considered VIP members.

Secrets of Playboy It also has the testimony of the actress Linda Lovelace, star of the popular porn movie Deep Throat, who assures that during his visit to the Hefner mansion They treated her like a “piece of meat” and abused her, forcing her to have zoophilic practices with a dog while everyone else laughed.

"Secrets of Playboy", the new documentary series that uncovers the darkness of Hugh Hefner
“Secrets of Playboy”, the new documentary series that uncovers the darkness of Hugh Hefner

The documentary series also recounts how the US authorities turned a blind eye and did not investigate what was really going on at Hefner’s famous parties, which in the name of “sexual freedom” he committed all kinds of abuses against women, whom he considered objects.

“It was like a cult. The women had been groomed and made to believe that they were part of this family and he [Hefner] he really believed he owned these women”, assures in one of the most revealing testimonies the former director of promotions of Playmate, Mike Garcia. Sondra Theodore, meanwhile, makes a heartbreaking description of her ex-boyfriend: “I was like a vampire who sucked the life out of these girls for decades.”

Businessman Hugh Hefner at a party at the Playboy Mansion
Businessman Hugh Hefner at a party at the Playboy MansionRobert Galbraith – Reuters

Theodore herself was one of the first to be encouraged to reveal that Hefner used drugs to abuse the women who went to the mansion. Hef pretended he wasn’t involved in any hard drug use at the mansion, but that was just a lie.”, he assured. According to his story, used Quaaludes (methaqualone), a sedative that has effects similar to barbiturates, very popular in the ’60s and ’70s.

“Usually you took half, because if you took two, you passed out. Men knew they could make girls do almost anything they wanted if they gave them a Quaalude.”, confessed the ex-bunny.

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