May 19, 2022 3:26 am

The Association of Actors suspended Fabián Gianola due to allegations of sexual abuse

The Argentine Association of Actors suspended his partner Fabián Gianola, after the expulsion request made by the Collective Argentine Actresses last week, before allegations of sexual abuse against him.

The suspension was confirmed on his Twitter social network account by the lawyer Alexander Cippolla, sponsoring one of Gianola’s accusers, the actress Fernanda Meneses.

“They gave the immediate suspension of Fabián Gianola from @actoresprensa as a result of our complaint,” Cipolla retweeted from a radio post that interviewed him.

The colective Argentine actresses complained last Tuesday to the Argentine Association of Actors to remove Gianola’s membership status, on whom there are complaints of simple sexual abuse and sexual abuse with carnal access.

The group Actrices Argentinas at the doors of the courts where Thelma Fardín’s abuse trial against Juan Darthés is taking place.Silvana Colombo – THE NATION

The note released in a timely manner based the request on the entity’s bylaws, which provides for this sanction “in the event of notorious misconduct by a member.”

Actrices Argentinas recalled Meneses’s complaint and the action initiated against Gianola before the Justice for “simple sexual abuse” and “sexual abuse with carnal access”, which has been processed for two years and “has resulted in his formal accusation by the Fiscal Unit Specialized in Violence against Women (UFEM)”.

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