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Punta Mogotes: the son of Pato de Mar del Plata returns, the icon behind a 52-year-old business

Paris has the Eiffel Tower; Rome, the Coliseum and Mar del Plata, to Punta Mogotes Duck. This summer, El Pato made headlines because his offspring returned. To the iconic sculpture that has lived for 50 years in the corners of Av. de los Trabajadores and Aráoz his “son” joined him Felipe, a smaller duck that had been under repair for several years, causing a furor among vacationers.

Cristian Englebienne is the second generation of owners, son of the founding couple, Ana Maria Mateos and her Belgian husband Guibert Englebienne.

This year The duck will dress up for a party: for his 52nd birthday, during the first week of February will be intervened by an artist. There will also be a party with live artists organized by the Tiki bar, which commands Matias Merlo, the renowned bartender from Mogotense. People will be able to take souvenirs from El Pato: t-shirts, caps and the ceramic cup.

The glass and the homonymous drink of El Pato, which is served in the famous Tiki bar.

The keys to the business

“People keep coming back every summer to greet Pato because of the nostalgia they have for their summers as children. It is common to see people in their 50s or 60s who come to take photos alone or with their children or grandchildren because it brings back good memories,” he said. Englebienne with emotion to explain the attraction generated by the statue.

The duck It is a business of beach items (chaise lounges, umbrellas, life jackets) that began in 1972 as a photographic business called “click” located on Luro avenue. After a couple of years of activity, its owners had the opportunity to buy a large space called “El Triángulo”. It consisted of three locations and included what is El Pato today.

The Duck with the camera alluding to the business of rolls and revealed

“When my parents buy these stores, they change the name of the business to El Pato. The first place sold bus tickets, the second beach objects and the third was dedicated to the sale of fishing items, “he said. Englebienne a THE NATION. This purchase was made in partnership with two Peruvian brothers, surnamed Muzzio. When the company dissolved, the Muzzio they stayed with the photographic business and Ana Maria Y Guibert Englebienne, with The Duck.

The click also had the first video store in Mar del Plata, and in the distribution that annex was on the side of The duck.

“At that time The duck began to expand, and opened a second branch at Av. Colón and Jujuy in Mar del Plata, with the same name. It also had very important stores in Villa Gesell and Miramar,” he said. Cristian Englebienne.

The businessman is clear about the mission of the business and that it is not limited to a specific type of product: “The name of the business is ‘Everything for your holidays’, and that is what motivates us. Solve the need of the tourist, which is changing over the years. In Argentina, if you don’t adapt, you’re a baked duck”, he says laughing.

The Duck with a rotating neck that did not last long due to the inclement weather of Marpla
The Duck with a rotating neck that did not last long due to the inclement weather of Marpla

uncertain origin

The duck it came with the property and we really don’t know why it’s here. It is part of a mystery that we do not want to know. As with age, which is approximate. For my mom, being asked how old Pato is is an issue, because it is directly related to his years,” she says. Englebienne.

What is known are the different stages that El Pato went through. A photographic camera was added to the initial sculpture to relate it to commerce, then it was demolished and the second was built, which had a rotating head that was broken due to a storm and the last one is the current one, the duck with the sleeved shirt short.

Sculpture has gone through different trends. In the ’78 World Cup he wore an Argentina shirt, he also had looks depending on the sponsor of the moment. Every year brings a new outfit for The duck and each summer he will renew himself chameleonically.

Biker gang that happened to take a picture with Pato this summer
Biker gang that happened to take a picture with Pato this summer

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