May 14, 2022 8:02 pm

Prosecutor Nisman: neither seven nor a thousand years will cover up the crime

Argentine society has been living for seven years carrying a question on its back. How was it that prosecutor Alberto Nisman was killed?

An open pain that continues to be trampled on, as it was horribly trampled on that day at the scene of the crime.

Shamelessly, they showed us the images of the complicit carelessness, the premeditated investigative clumsiness, the calls that crossed in a macabre dance of frantic concealment, the immediate responses to the core of power at the time and the premeditated delays that harmed the task of Justice, trying to wrap it between folds of infinite concealment that reach today.

If something more was needed to arrive exhausted by K’s permanent interference in justice, we see it on this seventh anniversary of the day the prosecutor was killed. If something could be added to the embarrassment to look at ourselves in the filthy mirror of murderous complicity, we saw the aberrant scenario of Managua, with the Argentine ambassador paying homage to the worst of the continent. Argentina, hand in hand with this government that empathizes with the dictators, forming part of an inadmissible diplomatic grimace, complicit, full of signs that suffocate any idea of ​​a republic, democracy and freedom. Embracing Daniel Ortega, Nicolas Maduro, Díaz-Canel and smiling at the heartbreaking gesture of impunity by the Iranian criminal Mohsen Rezai, it is an evident example of the extent to which there is a relationship between Argentine intelligence sectors and their foreign allies.

Fabián Marelli / LA NACION – File

Alberto Nisman is assassinated every moment, in every reiteration of the course towards the world of darkness that the Government chooses, transits, promotes and ratifies.

Seven years that sacrifice the truth at the stake of the pact with Iran, seven years that, even so, are not enough to transform the lie into truth. Neither seven nor a thousand years will cover the crime.

There is a town that has stood up and no longer accepts the faded scenes that stun with siren songs and fanciful stories, harmful for the present and dangerous for the future.

Prosecutor Nisman has been assassinated. It is a wound that bleeds in every corner of the conscience of his murderers and a memory commitment for Argentina.

It is not enough to not forget, although it is essential. It is imperative at this time that citizens and democratic leaders go together, united in the commitment to make a country that unfurls sails towards the culture of work, merit as an objective of personal and group growth, an inalienable path towards the definitive exile of the lie, of the story that alienates and hides the truth.

It is time to say enough, while we repeat as a healing rite against deception: Alberto Nisman, present!

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