May 19, 2022 5:59 pm

PP and Cs denounce the veto of La Moncloa to ABC and other media



Both the Popular Party and Ciudadanos have reacted to the latest controversy from La Moncloa. The Government has vetoed ABC and other critical media in a ‘briefing’ on the distribution of European funds.

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP, Paul Montesino, has expressed his disagreement in a tweet in which he points out that Sánchez “has crossed another red line again” and is running “in defense of freedom of information.”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, criticizes the Government and argues that it is “unacceptable that you go to the media that you consider uncomfortable.” The leader of the orange party anticipates that they will denounce it in Europe and that “they will have to give explanations in Congress.”

For his part, the Citizens MEP Adrian Vazquez Lazara calls the decision of La Moncloa “absolute scandal” and believes that “using measures of authoritarian regimes endanger free expression.”

He also announces that he will denounce him before the European institutions for in contravention of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra, accuses the Executive of having something to hide and adds that “in the absence of parliamentary control they now add censorship to the media.”

The candidate of Cs to the Junta de Castilla y León and former vice president of the same, Francisco Igea, has called for the need to have “politicians capable of responding to all means” and has accused La Moncloa of “deteriorating democratic quality to intolerable levels.” The deputy secretary general of the liberals, Daniel Pérez Calvo, has also positioned himself showing his support for the banned media and criticizing the decision of La Moncloa. «Censorship of the press is typical of authoritarian regimes and we democrats have a duty to denounce these facts. We will demand explanations from the Government for vetoing journalists from entering Moncloa. Our support for information professionals.

The executive secretary of the Basque PP, Carlos García, directly calls Sánchez and his government “totalitarians” and expresses that by censoring these media «they cover it up for us [la boca] to all the democrats in Spain». It also expresses “all solidarity and support” for the excluded media.

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