May 16, 2022 7:07 pm

Power outages: Edenor was fined $20 million

The National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) filed charges against the distributor Edenor for an amount amounting to the $20 million “due to the lack of the duty to report the events that occurred on January 11, 14 and 15,” the entity reported today in a statement.

The agency intervened by Soledad Manin indicated that “it was verified that the company did not report the events that occurred on January 11, 14 and 15 of this year, which derived in the affectation of the electrical supply for approximately 2,300,000 users.

Regarding the incident last Tuesday, in which the distributor reported a fire in a house that affected one of its high-voltage lines, the ENRE statement indicated: “In relation to the event that occurred on January 11, which produced a fall of approximately 1800 MW, affecting some 700,000 users, according to the technical report, the intervention of the ENRE determined that It is appropriate to initiate an administrative summary and file charges against EDENOR for non-compliance with its obligations in matters of public security, in order to determine their responsibility before possible sanctions”.

“In this sense, through the resolution of the Department of Public Security of the ENRE No. 7/2022, the company was ordered to present the maintenance records of the easement strip and inspection reports; perform and accredit the height measurements of drivers correcting it for the weather conditions and the load factor of the day and time of the event; It already proves the preventive measures that were carried out and would be carried out in the High Voltage Line in protection of the houses installed there, ”continues the statement.

“On the other hand, the Regulatory Standards Application and Administration Area was instructed to to carry out a technical analysis to determine the causes that motivated the supply interruptions in the conference and verify compliance with the obligations and commitments assumed by the company. Based on said analysis carried out by the entity will issue the pertinent sanctions and measures to prevent failures of this type or similar with the aim of minimizing the replacement times of the electrical energy supply”, indicates the ENRE and mentions resolution 07/2022, in which the fine would be published.

Within the framework of the provisions of the concession contract, the distribution company has a period of 10 business days to download it. There you must present all the factual and legal circumstances that you deem pertinent and must accompany documentary and instrumental evidence and any other that you intend to use.

“After this, the entity will analyze and proceed to apply the corresponding sanction. From the National Electricity Regulatory Entity We continue working to guarantee the normal provision of the electricity service and ensure compliance with the current concession contract,” the statement concluded.

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