May 17, 2022 2:03 pm

Outraged: Ivana Nadal broke the silence after her visa for the United States was revoked

After the repercussions generated the return of Ivana Nadal to Argentina, With the news that the United States Embassy had revoked her visa, the model and influencer made a statement on social networks in which she assured: “I am not stranded nor was I deported.”

Through an Instagram story, she was relaxed and enjoying being at home. “My grandmother called me to see if something had happened to me that she was not aware of,” she said. And then, in case there were any doubts, she said: “I was not deported nor am I stranded. I’m at home eating chips.”

Ivana Nadal went to the intersection after returning from the US: “I am not stranded nor was I deported.”

“The media lies, how much longer are you going to wait to see it?”, added, apparently obfuscated, the influencer.

The news of the cancellation of the visa was communicated by the journalist Marina Calabro in his Radio Miter column in which he said: “Ivana Nadal was recently on the beaches of Miami and the portals released information that she was disarming positions in Argentina, selling her apartment, her car and belongings, because he was going to settle in Miami”.

After that, Calabró released an exclusive audio in which you can listen to the model’s assistant, in charge of solving the sudden inconvenience. “By any chance do you know someone who works at the United States Embassy here in Argentina?” And continues: “Ivana had her visa canceled, she received an email on Friday, it seems that someone denounced, apart from all the media, that she was living there and that she had put all the things here for sale. And nothing, that’s a lie because we’re here and she has her house and everything.”

Marina Calabró revealed the reason why Ivana Nadal should return from the United States

“Yes, he is in the process of selling, but everything is still in his name. We do have plans to go there but applying for a talent visa, all legal the assistant clarified. And now this would be shit for us… a little bit all because if she doesn’t get the visa again or we can’t process another quickly, everything we had planned to do in a month is cut short. And to the email they sent her they do not answer anything again, and she would like to defend herself, present all the things, say that she is here and that she is not doing anything illegal and that she was there for the corresponding time, ”explained Nadal’s assistant .

The truth is that the model started 2022 with a completely renewed life in Miami, U.S, city to which moved in with her boyfriend, Bruno Sirito look for new opportunities. This is how he celebrated it in a post at the end of December last year, in which he expressed: “New feelings… new home” (in English, “New feelings, new home”). At the end of the message, he added the emoji of a palm tree, a typical tree of that tourist destination much chosen by Argentines.

Ivana Nadal
Ivana Nadal

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