May 17, 2022 3:18 pm

Olga Moreno’s decision that puts Antonio David Flores on the ropes



Nothing is what it seems. The most intimate environment Olga Moreno is about to implode. They want to tell the world the story of a betrayal, the one that hides behind the vaunted announcement of the romance between Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco. The newspaper ’20minutes’ indicates that the Sevillian sisters no longer hide in the presence of journalists and Isabel Rábago from ‘EsDiario’ warns that those closest to Morenor have been in charge of leaking information to the press That does not square with the official versions.

The stakes are high. All parties hope or despair that someone will take the first step to turn an apparently friendly separation into a totum revolutum from which it will be difficult to escape.

Olga’s sisters are very clear about who is who in this nonsense and are willing to do anything to defend their relative. It is not for less. They are silent now but everyone is aware that patience is running out. Perhaps that is why Antonio David has come out of hiding again to ask, demand or beg for peace for the women in his life.

Your efforts seem in vain. Far from being angry or disgusted by her sisters’ attitude, Olga licks her wounds near them. So much so that, as expected, they have become their advisers and caretakers. She now spends practically all her time with them, they hug her, comfort her and advise her. A gesture that makes it clear which side Olga is on. Things have to change a lot so that a most controversial dialectical battle does not start.

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