May 16, 2022 8:39 am

Nismann. Cristina’s “upstairs” neighbor launches a call to honor the prosecutor from her balcony

“I’m back on track!”, says the neighbor “upstairs” of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The last time, Ximena de Tezanos Pinto She was seen, with her drummer and a flag, among the neighbors who demonstrated indignantly, in front of the building where the vice president lives -as a result of the ruling that dismissed the president in the Hotesur and Los Sauces cases- for alleged money laundering.

XImena de Tezanos Pinto joined the demonstration at the door of her apartment against the decision of the Federal Oral Court 5 that dismissed the vice president in the Hotesur and Los Sauces casesRodrigo Nespolo

We already know Ximena. This housewife and mother of four children, affiliated with Republicans United, she was a prosecutor for Together for Change in the last legislative elections and voted for Javier Milei. On several occasions, he used the windows of his sixth floor of the Juncal and Uruguay building, in the heart of the Recoleta neighborhood, to hang flags with republican legends and bother his neighbor “from below”, the former president.

Until yesterday, the last sentence of Ximena that hung from her window on the Argentine flag was “Independent justice for a democratic republic” that was prepared to support Mauricio Macri to Dolores, although the trip was cut short by a malfunction with the car at the Obelisk height.

Ximena de Tezanos Pinto and Dolores González in the window of their apartment in Juncal and Uruguay
Ximena de Tezanos Pinto and Dolores González in the window of their apartment in Juncal and UruguaySantiago Cichero/AFV

Now, on the seventh anniversary of the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, Ximena has a new initiative. Through social networks, he called for a survey to place a new poster on his window, on a crepe, with the phrase that is most voted by users.

“What happened with Nisman was an assassination. There is a video that Waldo Wolff uploaded that explains it very clearly. With my friends we had decided to go to the march in front of Nisman’s apartment, in Puerto Madero, but I wanted to do something else. That is why, in a homemade way, I put the crepe on the flag and thought of the idea of ​​a new phrase that is the one that people vote for”, he says.

“To vote you have to leave an email and there is also the possibility of making a contribution to pay for the banner. I think that all this, in some way, turns that vote into an irrefutable act of the one who makes it”, points out and explains that the poster costs around four thousand pesos in a nearby printing house.

Options include “Nisman present”, “Justice, Justice We Pursue” and “Enough of Impunity”. The possibility of adding a new phrase is also open. “’Nisman Presente’ and ‘Enough of Impunity’ are the ones that are winning, although they also sent me others pointing directly to a guilty party. We’ll see how it ends. At the moment, an hour and a half ago I published the tweet and I have 25 votes and 68 retweets”, he says.

Regarding the poster, Ximena says that her idea is to hang it today and leave it for a week or two. “Corruption tends to invade everything. You have to keep them at bay. Our duty as citizens is to control”, emphasizes and exemplifies what happened in Chubut and Governor Mariano Arcioni’s withdrawal of the mining zoning law, as a result of the strong demands of the population and his call for a popular consultation.

Ximena de Tezanos Pinto, with her drummer, attended the courts of Comodoro Py to demonstrate in defense of Chocobar
Ximena de Tezanos Pinto, with her drummer, attended the courts of Comodoro Py to demonstrate in defense of ChocobarSantiago Cichero/AFV

While reading the tweets and the results of the vote, Ximena awaits the arrival of her friends to go to the torchlight parade that will begin at 20, at Belgrano Avenue and Alicia Moreau de Justo, in Puerto Madero. From there, a procession will take place to the Le Parc building complex, where the prosecutor lived and was found dead. “I still don’t know how we are going to make the torches, when the girls arrive we will see. I guess with old cooking oil and an old rag.”

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