May 27, 2022 12:47 pm

Moncloa vetoes ABC and other critical media from a “briefing” on the distribution of European funds



The Government persists in its strategy of opacity and lack of transparency regarding the media with an editorial line critical of Pedro Sánchez’s management. This Tuesday, January 18, ABC has been excluded from an informative briefing given by several senior government officials on the management of European funds. Media such as Cadena Cope, Onda Cero, El Mundo, La Razón, The Objective, Libertad Digital, the Servimedia Agency or the Colpisa Agency were also not invited to the meeting.

More than a dozen media outlets participated in the meeting. Whose representatives have had the opportunity to listen and ask the Secretary of State for Communication, Francesc Vallès, the Secretary of State for Economy, Gonzalo García, and the Secretary General of the Department of Economic Affairs and G20, Manuel de la Rocha.

Asked by ABC, from the Secretary of State for Communication they have alleged capacity reasons for not extending the call. Despite the fact that hours later and in the same complex the press conference of the Council of Ministers was going to take place with the rest of the media. It is also alleged that the call starts from Economy, despite the fact that the appointment took place in the La Moncloa complex and two senior officials from the Presidency of the Government participated in it. They assure from the SEC that there will be more informative sessions, without their communication at the moment, and when several of the attending media have already published information about it. Nor has the possibility of participating electronically been given, as was done at some points during the pandemic.

The reason for the Government’s call was to deactivate the complaints of the PP and several of its regional governments that have denounced the way in which these funds are distributed. The banned media have not had the opportunity to listen to the arguments and information from the Government regarding an issue that, as Moncloa itself repeatedly emphasizes, is of unquestionable public interest. Last Friday, a document was also sent with data on the distribution of funds that only reached some media, and in which issues regarding the distribution of funds were detailed. According to a teletype from the EFE Agency, in that meeting the Government has acknowledged having maintained contacts with the European Commission after the criticism of the PP to the management of the funds.

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