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Latest culture news today Tuesday, January 18



If you want to be up to date with all the latest news hours today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Tuesday, January 18 that you cannot miss, like these:

‘Hentai’, Rosalía’s first big stumble (and tantrum)

In this society of haste, impatience and teasers, every pixel published on social networks must be calculated to the millimeter, because monsters can be created by spontaneous generation. A few seconds can make or break you. we thought that Rosalía I had this under control, but the piece that you have shared of ‘Hentai’, a song from her next album, that is, a preview of a preview, has shown that the Catalan artist is still far from full digital virtue because it has cost her a real dislike.

The labyrinth of Velintonia: the tangle of private interests can lengthen the case for years

Since Vicente Aleixandre’s death in 1984, Velintonia, the house where he lived and the meeting place of the Generation of ’27 and successive generations of Spanish poets, has been one of the pending issues of public administrations: this emblematic site of literature fell into oblivion and ruin, and today it is an uninhabitable house, according to technical reports. In December 2021, the Community of Madrid began the procedure to declare the home of the Nobel Prize Property of Patrimonial Interest (BIP), and thus provide it with official protection for the first time, after several failed attempts. But what hasn’t been fixed in three decades doesn’t seem like it can be fixed in six months. The reason? The allegations of the interested parties against this procedure.

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