May 20, 2022 5:53 pm

“Lammenstable”: the reaction of the Minister of Tourism after the crossing with the teacher who complained about the problems of Pre-Trip

The Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, He referred to his reaction after the intersection with the teacher who complained about the problems of PreViaje on social networks and used a hashtag full of irony: “Lammenstable”. In dialogue with LA NACION, the official said that the situation was quite delicate and stated: “That a teacher makes fun of a surname Wow! What do we do if tomorrow we get a student with a funny last name?”. Although he accepted that the young man was right in his claim, he asserted: “There is a lack of respect. I speak to him with respect, luckily there are the chats”.

Lammens responded about the publications of people on networks to his comments in private to Juan Ignacio Vedani, 24, who uploaded a publication that questioned the official’s management and called it “Lammenstable”. Lammens, in a private message, responded to his critic with 14 messages in which he rebukes him “Are you a teacher and you make fun of people’s last names?”.

The minister, yesterday recognized that wrote to the general secretary of the union to which Vedani belongs: “I have nothing to hide. I see a lot of teacher union participation. If a teacher does that… That a teacher put that to make it visible that a student did an exercise wrong… What this kid did is delicate.”

In one of his answers in the private chat with Vedani, the Minister of Tourism and Sport called the young man in for a chat and asked for his work location. Based on this, he told LA NACION that “there is nothing wrong with the invitation.” Regarding the teacher’s attitude, he added “You complain, but don’t be disrespectful.”

The official became serious at the play on words with his last name: “If a teacher bullies someone, it is a serious act”. Although later he dismissed that his situation is considerable: “You must not naturalize that they tell you any barbarity. I have nothing to hide, quite the opposite.”

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