May 27, 2022 12:36 pm

It was recorded while loading a gun and threatened Governor Omar Perotti: “I’m going to have to go look for you”

Sitting on a bed on animal print padding, dressed in shorts and wearing a bulletproof vest, a man loads his gun and, as he does so, launches a strong threat against the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti. Everything was captured in a video that only lasts 18 seconds, but that took on high public importance.

“If they don’t pay me the 20 lucas bonus, everything rots”, the man begins. “Look”, he later shows the person who is filming him while placing the bullets one by one in the barrel of his gun and the other person zooms in on him. “I’m going to look for you, Perotti. I’m going to have to go look for you, Perotti.” intimidates the provincial president.

After the images were made public, and as reported by the Santa Fe media, the Public Ministry of the Accusation acted ex officio and ordered tasks from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) to try to identify the author of the threat.

This is how they threatened the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti

They finally caught up with him last night in Saint tome, a city bordering Santa Fe capital, as confirmed by the portal Santa Fe air. However, in the house gun not found that the apprehended used during the recording.

The surprise was greater when it was learned that This person, around 40 years old, is a driver for the Provincial Medical Emergency Service 107, which is distributed throughout the territory of Santa Fe. For this reason, an administrative summary will be initiated that will evaluate his conduct.

On the other hand, the cause that the Justice processes is for qualified threats and the prosecutor in charge is Manuel Cecchini, who ordered that the man remain deprived of his liberty so that the impeachment hearing can be held this morning.

Santa Fe is a province that is going through an escalation of violence marked by the drug problem that affects more than anything to Rosario. That is why the national government had to reinforce the presence of federal forces there, after different shootings that were caused against public offices and commercial premises, in addition to the shootings that occur every day and that caused 241 murders in that city in 2021, the highest level in the last seven years, according to a report by the local Public Security Observatory.

However, at the provincial level, homicides fell in 2021: they were 358 and in 2020, 375.

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