May 18, 2022 3:44 pm

Everything on the Grill: Holiday Grilling Recipes

When the annual break gives us the opportunity to spend the summer in a house or dwelling in the open air, with a garden or land on the beach, sea or mountain or with a terrace that admits a grill, the gastronomic preparations acquire another dimension and the master grill is ready to deliver his best knowledge on the subject.

My friend the chef Nelson Wesjkin, who has a grill on his terrace, and prepares many dishes on the grill – his pizzas are exquisite – often gives simple and practical advice so that anyone can treat themselves at home. Cooking on the grill is the perfect excuse to share and entertain without getting too exhausted. A meeting that always turns into an informal meeting full of charm.

Siete Fuegos Mi Cocina Argentina, is the book by Francis Mallmann who was a pioneer on the subject. Its author, a true poet of the kitchen, lights the fires with a special place for grills and surprises us with more than 100 recipes, from starters to all kinds of red, white, pink meats, vegetables, desserts, breads. Lovers of these cooking will find preparations that will amaze them. There are delicious combinations, simple and haute cuisine touches that will make you want to try them in any way.

Plow disc chicken with vegetables

The recipe for chicken with vegetables to the plow disk, it is ideal to do when returning from the beach or the walk through the mountains. If we do not have a disk, a paella pan can be used. As the preparation of the fire will take almost an hour, meanwhile, the other ingredients will be prepared because, then, the cooking is relatively fast. In about 30 minutes the food will be ready. The plow disc chicken with vegetables, It is a find to surprise from the coals.

Meat kebabs, a different option to grill.
Meat kebabs, a different option to grill.

The kebab is a preparation that is between the brochettes and the meatball or hamburger. Is meat kebab recipe with herbs, It is a simple mixture of good quality minced meat, reduced in fat, with the addition of aromatic herbs such as parsley, coriander or mint, preferably fresh. meat kebabs with herbs they are assembled around little metal irons or skewers or wooden skewers that go on the grill. They are cooking and turning until golden. They can be served alone, with chimichurri, accompanied by salads on the plate or inside breads.

Grilled peaches and plums with malbec.
Grilled peaches and plums with malbec.

When lighting the fire for the grill, it is convenient to calculate that there are enough embers to roast a summery and very fruity dessert, such as this recipe for makesr fresh peaches and plums in mascabo sugar with malbec wine with the addition of cooking on the coals. The recipe for fresh peaches and plums in mascabo sugar with malbec wine is a very special dessert that some serve hot and topped with vanilla ice cream. It is a dessert that also keeps everyone together by the fire.

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