May 14, 2022 1:54 pm

Dramatic rescue: a tree crushed a car near the AFA site in Ezeiza

A tree fell this Tuesday afternoon on a car in the forests of Ezeiza and Firefighters of the Federal Police worked for several minutes to rescue the driver who was trapped and suffered serious injuries, for which he was transferred by the City Emergency Medical Care System (Same) to the local hospital.

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. when the Citroën Elysse was driving along Fernández García Avenue, in the vicinity of the property that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has in the area, reported Canal 4. A eucalyptus tree fell on the central part of the vehicle and the 56-year-old driver was unable to get out on his own.


The car was heading towards the Ricchieri highway when it was hit by the large tree, which caused total destruction. The rescue scene led by Firefighters was dramatic and very tense with neighbors who approached the scene.

Personnel from the National Gendarmerie and the Buenos Aires Police also worked at the site to, once the man was removed from the interior of the vehicle, remove the car from the avenue and normalize the traffic that was restricted for a few hours. It is suspected that the causes of the fall of the eucalyptus in an area where this type of tree abounds is related to the gusts of wind of up to 50 kilometers per hour that the National Meteorological Service (SMN) forecast for today.

Hours after the fact, the one who echoed it was the Minister of Security of the Nation, Hannibal Fernandez, who through a publication in Twitter He highlighted the work of the Firefighters of the Federal Police Ezeiza barracks that “with a rescue unit” rescued a man “from inside a car crushed by a tree.”

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