May 16, 2022 7:41 am

Diego Brancatelli revealed that he contracted coronavirus for the second time in a year

Journalist Diego Brancatelli confirmed this Monday through its social networks that contracted coronavirus for the second time.

“Last night I started with symptoms. I had a bad time. I woke up worse. That’s why I didn’t hesitate, I did the test and the result was positive. Isolated from the family. Wishing that this time the vaccines take effect and I don’t have such a bad time. Take care everyone! Get vaccinated!” wrote the columnist for Intratables (America) on his Twitter account.

The journalist’s first experience with the virus took place in May 2021, when he had to be admitted to the Trinidad Sanatorium after developing bilateral pneumonia.

Because of this painting, he had to remain hospitalized for five days. “I woke up with a fever, sweaty and dizzy. He was agitated, he had no air. I took the car and went to the Capilla hospital. I always treated myself in hospital. They do a tomography and the doctor comes out paler than me: I had bilateral pneumonia,” the journalist recalled after his discharge in dialogue with Paulo Vilouta.

“I was very scared, because everyone I knew was dying was due to bilateral pneumonia. What you miss most is what you value least when you are well. I wanted to come to the channel to discuss with you,” he said at the time.

Diego Brancatelli spoke on Instagram about his new contagion of coronavirus

Perhaps for this reason, Brancatelli now expressed, through his Stories from Instagram, his desire to get through the disease in a better way. “I hope that the vaccines prevent him from having a bad time,” he said.

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