May 16, 2022 4:03 pm

COVID-19 prevention: Google urges you to get vaccinated and wear a face mask with your new Doodle

Google urges its users to take protective measures against Covid-19 through a modification to its ultra-well-known logo. The artistic intervention, called doodle, has already been used by the Internet browser on other occasions, and has as a message “Get vaccinated, wear a mask, save lives”.

The this occasion doodle shows to the different letters that form the name of the company celebrating having received the vaccine. From the major G to the middle one, they all jump showing the mark of their immunization. Only the L is missing, which, being vaccinated by the E, celebrates its protection like the other letters.

This piece has already been used on other occasions by the company based in Mountain View, California. In fact, it copied the search engine’s home page on December 13, when the advance of the Omicron variant of the virus, much more contagious than previous mutations, accelerated vaccination plans and raised the necessary standards of immunized people around the world.

The new animation of the Google logo shows the letters happy to have received the Covid-19 vaccine

By clicking on the new logo, Google redirects to the search “Prevention Covid-19″, which in turn displays on the screen the health recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), which are:

The doodle Today appears in a scenario similar to that of December, with Ómicron generating alarming numbers of cases that break records globally. But nevertheless, countries that have been dealing with the variant the longest show declines in cases after initial spikes, which opens a window of hope for the near future with fewer cases.

In addition, the low mortality recorded in this wave compared to the previous ones shows the importance of vaccines to reduce the risk of severe disease and death. Thats why he doodle, an obligatory preliminary step for the billions of searches that are carried out daily on Google, appears at an opportune moment, in which maintaining health protocols and getting vaccinated are essential tools to contain the pandemic.

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