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Carla Conte’s paranormal experience with her dead father: “I contacted him”

Carla Conte opened her heart and spoke for the first time of his father’s death, occurred in July 2021 due to complications in his Covid chart. In a radio interview, he assured that maintains contact with him through the akashic records.

“I had done sessions of Akashic records before what happened with my dad and a month after what happened, I did a session and connected with him, talked to him. Thats the reality. I am in contact with him in some way, ”revealed the driver in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in Hold on Catalina (AM 1110).

Carla Conte with her father in 2016Capture Instagram

In this context, he explained that the sessions help her to feel calm, at peace and in communication with her father: “When they open your records, things from your past lives appear, they tell things about your past lives. Sometimes some links appear, someone who today is your mother in another life was something else.

On the other hand, Conte argued that already had communications with other relatives under the same technique of the akashic records: “I had connected with my paternal grandmother, whom I did not know.”

Then he added: “When my old man happened, what I felt was that I went to call him on the phone. That’s how it happened and that’s how I felt. This is what happened to me, how I lived it and What gave me some peace of mind was knowing that he got to where he got to and that he’s okay. and calm.”

In mid-2021, the former participant of Dancing for a Dream (eltrece) took to social media to express his feelings towards his father, and in that sense he asked his followers to send him good energies so that he recovers.

In a post he shared on July 7 through his Instagram, he wrote: “Here breathing with you, beautiful old man. I love you with my soul”.

The driver accompanied her father at all times when he was hospitalized for Coronavirus and recounted the process on her social networks
The driver accompanied her father at all times when he was hospitalized for Coronavirus and recounted the process on her social networksCapture Instagram

After spending several days hospitalized for complications derived from Covid-19, the driver’s father died and she fired him with an emotional text. “I am in your house. In your place. in your quincho I don’t know where I stand though. All these weeks on a mission, I thought I was so powerful. I felt that if anyone could bring you home it was me, and if I asked you to, you would achieve it. I know you tried your hardest, I know you did.”

Hurt by the loss, she added: “’Notify me when they get home’ you told me on Sundays, but it was you who sent the message when I was parking at the door of the house, as if you felt me. Surely it is full of people who love you very much there and they are toasting as much as they can”.

Among so many anecdotes and experiences, towards the end of the text he added: “Now it is difficult for me, but I know that I am going to celebrate you all my life as you deserve. Dale, let me know that you arrived safely so I stay calm. I love you forever old man of my soul “.

"I thought that if I asked you, you were going to achieve it", expressed Carla Conte on her Instagram account after the death of her father
“I thought that if I asked you, you would achieve it,” Carla Conte said on her Instagram account after her father’s death.Capture Instagram

The last publication he dedicated to him was three months after his death, where shared a photo of the man with his grandchildren and wrote: “We tried to live again, and in a lot of moments we managed it very well. I went back to work, I hosted the most beautiful program of my career, it gave me pride. I missed you a lot in those moments, although I know you were there with me.

Carla Conte's father with his grandchildren, Mora and Facundo
Carla Conte’s father with his grandchildren, Mora and FacundoCapture Instagram

Finally, he announced that on his birthday he will remember it in the best possible way: “On January 29 I promise you a beautiful party, but if I don’t get all this out I can’t continue. I love you with all my broken soul, it will heal… I know it”.

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