May 18, 2022 6:15 pm

Buenos Aires schools: Soledad Acuña said that there will be no health pass and spoke of parents who do not take their children to be vaccinated

With February 21 as the stipulated day for initial and primary level students to start classes in the City and March 2 for high school students to do so, the Buenos Aires Minister of Education, Soledad Acuña, ruled out that the Sanitary Pass be requested in schools and justified it by pointing out the situation of some families.

“We are not thinking of a Sanitary Pass because in educational matters It would mean prohibiting access to education to children whose parents do not take them to vaccinate”, said the official, who responds to Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Regarding this certificate, only people who have their complete primary vaccination scheme obtain it.

Soledad Acuña took on a high public profile within the cabinet of the Capital due to the tensions that arose from the classes with the administration of Alberto Fernández Patricio Pidal – AFV

In any case, the minister encouraged students to come to the application centers. “We are working to facilitate, improve and generate more opportunities for vaccination, through families who can do so. The intention is on February 21 to start classes with all the boys and girls in the classrooms”, remarked the official from the capital in TN.

Thus, he was in line with the national administration, after the frontist Minister of Education Jaime Perczyk announce the launch of the campaign “Get vaccinated to go to school.” With this strategy, the management of Alberto Fernandez It intends to reach the end of February with more than 70% of Argentine students with the vaccination ready against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Acuña – who raised his public profile during the pandemic due to tensions over classes with the Casa Rosada – highlighted the adherence of porteños to the vaccine and gave figures: he detailed that there are more than 65% of children under 11 years of age inoculated and that this percentage escalates to 90% in adolescents with a double dose. He also noted: “In the City we have a high adherence rate in adults and teachers, since more than 90% have their doses.”

The teachers -as confirmed in the Buenos Aires government- they will return on February 7 educational establishments to start a training process. “The intention of the entire government team is to reach February with the largest number of people with the third dose, this covers teachers. Our intention is for everyone to have the third dose by February 7,” he said.

However, the protocols for the start of the school year in the context of the pandemic are not yet defined and the minister confirmed that the situation will be analyzed weekly and it will be defined “closer to the start date”. He said that to make them there will be two key factors: that the classroom care, but guarantee the “maximum attendance” and “pedagogical continuity”.

“The protocol that existed at the end of last year is not the same that we would implement today and it is not the same that we are going to implement for the 21st, because the virus is changing. We are going to wait a few weeks to be closer to the start date to close the appropriate protocol. that allows us to reassure all families that our children are cared for, but that guarantees maximum attendance without interruptions. The intention is to look for one that guarantees certainties, but also continuity”, assured Acuña.

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