May 19, 2022 3:22 am

Boca: while waiting for Darío Benedetto, he opens 2022 against Colo Colo, with a super offensive team

With confirmation of Sebastián Battaglia as a coach, Boca opens in 2022 tonight at the International Summer Tournament, against Colo Colo, from Chile. The match, corresponding to Group A, will be played from 9:15 p.m. at the Uno stadium, with Darío Herrera refereeing.

After a victorious close of 2021 for the Copa Argentina title, Boca begins its new path with the same obsession as always: to win the Copa Libertadores. To do this, wait for Darío Benedetto, who will arrive in our country this Thursday and will immediately undergo medical studies. Of lackluster passing through Marseille and Eleche, but with a pleasant Xeneize memory. And the negotiations continue for Pol Fernández (”The Pol thing is very real; It is from the palate of Boca”, assured Bermúdez), Nicolás Figal and Ángel Romero.

An image of xeneize passion, also, in La PlataMauro Alfieri

Colo Colo beat Universidad de Chile 2-1 on the first day of the international friendly tournament. Battaglia’s first team in the year is presented with a 4-3-3 scheme, with the inclusion of Nicolás Orsini, who had little filming since his arrival last June due to a series of injuries and the good performances of the youthful Luis Vázquez.

Sebastián Battaglia, always calm, now with greater power
Sebastián Battaglia, always calm, now with greater powerMauro Alfieri

Without the limited control of the acting being, Battaglia now shows his full power. Hours before, left Agustín Almendra aside, after a strong discussion. The football council referred to the incident. “These are football things, misunderstandings but they don’t happen to adults. He is a docile boy, he is doing very well”, commented Raúl Cascini. “Agustín is young and commits imprudence, but they are not disrespectful and the DT enjoys our support. There are no differences”, added Patron Bermúdez.

On the attack, Boca started with everything. A Villa free kick almost went into the corner: Brayan Cortés sent the ball to the corner. The intention of the xeneize team was clear: ambitious, from start to finish. Under a persistent drizzle, Salvio attacked on the right side, Villa started on the other lift and Orsini, in the middle, as a scoring beacon. Ramírez, a few meters behind, disguised as Cardona, a kind of hitch, although with another route and dynamics.

As always, Fabra felt more comfortable in attack than in defense (and in the heights)
As always, Fabra felt more comfortable in attack than in defense (and in the heights)Mauro Alfieri

So much insistence, he had his prize too early, at 9. El Pulpo González took out a barbaric shot, from afar, crossed, unattainable. Boca got 1 to 0 for his proposal and, also, for his attitude. Colo Colo played trot, in another dimension.

It cost Orsini, again, to be Boca's number 9
It cost Orsini, again, to be Boca’s number 9Mauro Alfieri

The audacity xeneize went back in the final part of the first chapter. Villa was lost, Orsini could not hit an interesting assist from Salvio, Varela was not the axis in the central circle. Boca dominated the stage, they had the ball, but they no longer had arrogance. Erratic, Colo Colo exceeded himself with his strong leg and was covered with yellow cards.

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