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Balanced and healthy canine menus with algorithm garnish



More and more people take care of their diet, opting for natural products and avoiding ultra-processed products as much as possible. And this change in trend is also taking place in the world of pets. Sergi Font Y Gonzalo Noy They quickly saw the opportunity to grow in this sector with the idea of ​​being able «revolutionize food for dogs». In the US and England there were already some natural food projects for these animals, but in Spain there was nothing. So in 2019 they left their respective jobs betting on an idea in which 70 people already work and for which they invoiced three million euros last year.

They took advantage of the facilities of the meat company that Sergi’s family has to make their new product.

«We have four menus: chicken, turkey, beef and salmon. In the factory we make the mixture with the vegetables, we dose it in daily portions and it is vacuum cooked so that its properties are maintained. It is frozen and sent that way to the customer,” explains Font. In this way, the dog eats healthy, guaranteeing a complete and balanced diet.

Its technological team has designed, together with veterinarians, an algorithm that allows personalize diets according to the data offered by the client of his dog. In this way they create an individual plan adapted to the size and weight of each animal. They are also developing an app so that all the information can be accessed from the mobile. Today, they feed 10,000 dogs and “there is a lot of room for growth. In Spain alone there are almost seven million dogs”, highlights the co-founder, who does not rule out launching a similar product for cats, as well as opening physical stores (at the moment the sale is online).

Entry into France

The reception is being so good that they have already been launched on the French market, with the idea of ​​also reaching Germany, Italy and Portugal. They hope to end the year with a staff of at least 130 people and bill more than 10 million euros. “We are already leaders in Spain and we want to be at a European level,” adds Font.

Dogfy Diet offers the possibility of acquiring a 14-day trial ‘pack’ “so that dogs can make the transition to natural food and then receive the package monthly.” Paying a fixed fee, the client receives a delivery of food each month, divided into portions. As for prices, “there is little difference with a premium feed without forgetting that we offer a 100% natural product and we take it home. In addition, we have a Professional advice: canine nutritionists who make an appointment and help customers to resolve their doubts, “says Font. Both the headquarters and the factory are in the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​but shipments are made throughout the country. As they grow, they will adapt their current structure, counting on the logistical capacity to grow.

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