May 21, 2022 9:19 pm

Anses payments: what benefits are charged this Tuesday, January 18

The Anses (National Administration of Social Security) continues with the payment of its social benefits according to the calendar of the month, and disseminates the allocations corresponding to the tuesday january 18.

In order to know the date of collection of a benefit, it is necessary to review the payment schedule established by the agency, which on this date includes the payment of the Retirements and pensioners that do not exceed the monthly amount of $32,664, the Universal Allowance for Pregnancy, Universal Child Allowance, Y Prenatal and Maternity, according to the date of completion of the DNI of the holders.

In addition, they are paid Lump Sum Allowances for marriage, birth or adoption corresponding to the First fortnight (which runs from January 7 to February 14) and is charged with all DNI terminations.

To know the beginning of the payment of the benefits and all the collection dates, consult the complete calendar of Anses for the month of January.

The Bank of the Argentine Nation and the Anses (National Social Security Administration), the Ministry of Culture reported that registration for the plan will reopen More Young Culture. This initiative, which includes a payment of $5,000 pesos per semester to invest in cultural consumption, also aims to mitigate the consequences suffered by the industry due to the quarantine restrictions.

The More Young Culture plan also includes a series of discounts in cultural spaces. On the other hand, the amount awarded to the beneficiaries can be used to go to the movies, theater, recitals, museums, buy musical instruments, books, crafts and access courses and workshops.

To access the program, which works through a virtual or physical card offered by the Banco de la Nación Argentina, it is required to be between 18 and 24 years old and be the holder of one of the following benefits:

The registration to receive the grant had closed on December 15, but recently Anses, through its official site, announced that it will soon be available again for new interested parties.

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