May 19, 2022 5:59 pm

After excusing himself, Julio Conte Grand received a new summons to appear in Congress

As part of the replicas of the case that investigates the alleged persecution of trade unionists in the province of Buenos Aires, the bicameral intelligence subcommittee scheduled one new meeting with the head of the Buenos Aires prosecutors, Julius Conte Grand, scheduled for January 27th at noon.

The head of the Bicameral, Leopoldo Moreau, scheduled the meeting after Conte Grand excused himself from participating in the meeting that was scheduled for this Tuesday, according to the Télam agency. the official had stated that he could not attend but he stressed his predisposition to collaborate with the investigation and offered to respond in writing.

However, Moreau stressed the importance of his presence and maintained a exchange with the provincial attorney, through which the new date emerged. The request stems from the complaint made by the Federal Intelligence Agency on the alleged framing of cases against the trade unionist Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina.

Big Tale, what was it official of the governments of Mauricio Macri, in the city, and Maria Eugenia Vidal, in the province of Buenos Aires, has long been accused by Kirchnerism of maintaining a partial position. In fact, he has repeatedly requested his displacement.

Photo of the AFI complaint

His appearance responds to the possibility of responding to requirements of a political-institutional nature that the legislators of the parliamentary investigation subcommittee convened on the occasion of a complaint requested to make it”, Moreau replied to Conte Grand.

For Moreau, Conte Grand’s response to excuse himself from attending “limits the exercise of parliamentary powers of this Bicameral Commission provided for by Law No. 25,520; that, if it continues in that position, it would unequivocally damage fundamental institutions of the federal and republican system that the provinces themselves have decided to establish.”

In that sense, at the end of “not impede an ongoing investigation at the head of a permanent bicameral commission of Congress”, according to what he said, the legislator of the Front of All (FdT) reconvened the Buenos Aires attorney for January 27 at 12.

At the end of December, the AFI denounced the mayor of La Plata, Julius Garro, and former members of the provincial cabinet of Maria Eugenia Vidal whom he accused of having “promoted” a legal case against Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, the former leader of the La Plata section of the Union of Construction Workers (Uocra), prosecuted for illicit association, repeated extortion and aggravated coercion.

According to the complaint, the meeting that was recorded in the videos was in June 2017 and in the images you can see the mayor of La Plata, Julius Garro, to the former Minister of Labor of Buenos Aires Marcelo Villegas (who is the one who would have had the most active role in the meeting) and the former head of Infrastructure Robert Giant, with representatives of different associations and chambers linked to construction in La Plata.

Leopoldo Moreau.
Leopoldo Moreau.

According to the complaint, Villegas asked his interlocutors that their “institutions” make “presentations” in order to give “volume” to a “judicial instance” and told them that after that “the prosecutor would intervene, with the full support of the Attorney General”. Always according to the complaint, Villegas says: “We have checked with the Attorney General, with the prosecution, with the judge, that this is going to work.” And he affirms that the government had made the decision to “begin to definitively resolve the problem in terms of relations with the La Plata sectional Uocra.”

Conte-Grand had expressed his full willingness to collaborate with the tasks carried out by the Bicameral Senate Subcommittee for the Oversight of Intelligence Organizations and Activities. The attorney made a presentation in which he made known his full willingness to collaborate with the tasks that it carries out and respond in writing to the requirements that are addressed to it.

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