May 15, 2022 12:27 pm

A youtuber toured the “British Chernobyl” and found a chilling find

In the 1920s it was built on the ruins of the Clune Park, stadium where the city’s teams played Port Glasgow Athletic F.C. Y Port Glasgow Athletic Juniors F.C., a conglomerate of buildings where shipyard workers lived for many years. Turned into a “white elephant”, the abandoned construction is considered by some as “worst place in britain”.

In an effort to get to know the inside of the ruined facilities, Steve Ronin, a youtuber who visits large physical spaces that have fallen into disgrace, came across a revealing document there. It is a letter from a daughter to her mother, in which she opens her heart and confesses her misfortunes: “I feel that my life is crumbling and collapsing around me, and I don’t know how to stop it. (…) Really, I feel at my lowest point, and I have no idea how to get back up”, reads one of the most chilling fragments of the letter.

The “British Chernobyl” is a treasure sought by urban explorers

From what can be deduced from its content, the descendant carried some type of guilt that would have had consequences for such a direct relative: “I feel really bad for what we did to you. I know I’m dragging you down with me, and that’s so shameful and unfair. I feel like complete and utter scumAnd I really hate myself for it.”

The revealing document found by youtuber Steve Ronin in Port Glasgow
The revealing document found by youtuber Steve Ronin in Port GlasgowCapture

In the construction, which knew how to house a large community, around 20 people currently live, according to the local media Daily Record. However, it is absolutely wasted space, since the building has 430 apartments. As expected, the work has residues of all kinds, such as animal feces or waste that shows that it was used by drug addicts. Regardless of its nuclear nickname, the area does not have any type of radioactive danger, nor was it the victim of an accident like the one experienced at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin plant, located in the city that bears the name of the incident that occurred in the former Soviet Union.

The "british chernobyl" it is a treasure sought by urban explorers
The “British Chernobyl” is a treasure sought by urban explorers

Properties in the area are currently for sale. for less than 10 thousand dollars, although the fate of the imposing place seems to be sealed: Inverclyde Borough Council intends to purchase the settlement, tear it down and put the area to value. In accordance with Daily Star, the ambitious project It would cost one and a half million dollars..

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