May 14, 2022 10:02 pm

A Chinese mafia earned 5 million buying fraudulent employment contracts from Basque businessmen




A criminal network of Chinese citizens has earned some five million euros by exploiting compatriots. It had two different branches, one based in Bilbao and the other in Zaragoza, and complementary criminal methods. The first was dedicated for a decade to regularize immigrants through the purchase of fraudulent contracts from Basque businessmen and false registrations.

Lsecond, to prostitute Chinese women in filthy conditions in apartments in the Aragonese capital where they also had to sell drugs. At the head of the latter was a ‘madame’ of the same nationality who planned to expand to Madrid. The National Police has dismantled the plot, has arrested 63 people and released five victims, so far.

The complaint of a Chinese woman in Zaragoza was the beginning of the investigation, an unprecedented event due to the silence that prevails in this community.

He is now a protected witness. The network captured women in their forties in the Kingtao area (China) with the promise of a good life. What they found when they arrived were dirty and dilapidated apartments in which they lived and had to prostitute themselves 24 hours a day every day of the year, clean, walk the boss’s dog and traffic drugs.

The clients, Spanish

The clients were Spanish for the most part, and they are disposable merchandise, according to those responsible for the UCRIF Central Trafficking Brigade. Each one had to pay between 8,000 and 10,000 euros and live poorly. In the refrigerator, speckled with mold, was not food but drugs for those customers. More business for the network that has obtained some five million euros in profits.

The Goliath-Boga operation has uncovered that the Zaragoza branch captured women for sexual exploitation (six floors have been dismantled) and the Biscayan branch facilitated the documentation with fraudulent work contracts and registrations. The one in Zaragoza was sent by a Chinese ‘madame’, a former victim, who has lived legally in Spain for 15 years and who had previously been arrested for similar acts in Barcelona without serving a sentence. To obtain their release, the women had to pay the exploiters large amounts of money that included unaffordable high interest rates.

The Basque plot was headed by ‘the Old Man’, another Chinese, also in a legal situation who had links, intermediaries, businessmen and had been so successful in his business that he allowed himself to select the most solvent clients (Chinese without papers). The contracts that were made were legal for the care of people, construction and bazaars, but those who paid for them did not even live in the Basque Country, but in Barcelona and other places in Spain.

Those who lent themselves to the false registrations charged between 400 and 700 euros per person and the businessmen between five and six thousand euros. In just one year this plot would have regularized more than a hundred people and ‘the Old Man’ boasts that he has been doing the same for ten years. “We cannot calculate exactly but it is likely that they have obtained papers for more than a thousand people irregularly,” explain research sources.

The 63 arrests, all Chinese except two Spaniards and a Pakistani, 50 have been carried out in Bilbao, 13 in Zaragoza and one in Madrid. In the capital they already had a flat prepared for the exploitation of women. In the records, 115,000 euros in cash, drugs, electronic devices and documentation have been seized. The Central Brigade for Trafficking in Human Beings highlights the importance of the initial complaint that has made it possible to dismantle this powerful organization. Only the Chinese ‘madame’ and her second, whom they also prostituted, have entered provisional prison.

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