May 22, 2022 5:00 am

Wireless: Motorola launches MA1, an adapter for Android Auto that allows you to use your phone without cables

Motorola presented MA1, the adapter that allows use Android Auto wirelessly. With this accessory, users will be able to take advantage of compatible displays without the need for a manual wired connection and wirelessly, a function that until now was limited to certain vehicle models.

Android Auto is the infotainment system developed by Google that allows the smartphone’s features to be replicated on a compatible screen located inside the passenger compartment. Available in more than 100 million vehicles, in a large part of the units its use requires the use of a USB cable to mirror the features of the phone to access information and entertainment features, such as Google Maps, Waze and Spotify, among many other applications.

The Motorola MA1 adapter It allows use Android Auto wirelessly with a plug and play accessory to take full advantage of Google Assistant voice commands. In addition, it is a solution so that drivers can count the mode of wireless connection in those vehicles that do not have this function from the factory.

For the operation of this accessory, Motorola employs a 5GHz Wi-Fi wireless connection high speed and a Bluetooth 5.0 pairing to make it easy for the driver to access Android Auto without the need for cables. This modality simplifies the use of the vehicle screen and it prevents the user from having to connect the smartphone every time they need to use the Google infotainment screen.

the adapter Motorola MA1 will be on sell in United States from January 28 at $89.95. After this launch, the company confirms its availability in Latin America for March, without defined price.

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