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When will the peak of Ómicron be reached in Spain?



Coronavirus infections caused by the variant discovered in South Africa in December, Omicron, have skyrocketed in Europe. In Spain, during the first weeks of this 2022, the new infections reached much higher figures those registered at the beginning of the pandemic. However, after many days of climbing, it seems that the pace is beginning to slow down and, as several experts have explained, we could be at doors of the expected descent.

Last Friday, January 14, Health notified a total of 162,508 new infections, the second highest number of cases reported in a single day of the entire pandemic. The accumulated incidence in the last two weeks adds 35.83 points since Thursday and marks a new historical maximum, with 3,192.46 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

However, the evolution of the pandemic in each community is different, so that peak of Omicron cases could arrive on different dates in each territory.

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In fact, the accumulated incidence has already decreased in eight autonomous communities. Among them stands out Navarra, with 309 points less than the previous day, and Basque Country, with -101. These regions were the ones in which infections rose the fastest at the beginning of this sixth wave, registering records in incidence. Both are currently above the 6,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

On the other hand, their incidence has also been reduced Aragon, at 91 points, Madrid, at 67, Estremadura, at 42, Andalusia, at 36, Canary Islands, at 13, and Castilla la Mancha, in 5.

On the other side are Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla, territories that have registered significant increases (333 points, 287 and 158, respectively).

Thus, everything seems to indicate that infections will begin to decline throughout Spain in the coming days. However, we will have to wait and not lower our guard since, although it seems that this variant is not as dangerous as previous ones, since the number of admissions and deaths does not rise so alarmingly, half of the provinces of Spain are in very high risk. In fact, ten provinces have already exceeded 15% hospital occupancy by patients with Covid-19. Similarly, the occupancy of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) in Spain as a whole it is also close to the very high risk level, set at 25% of occupied beds.

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