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What saint is celebrated today, Monday, January 17? Everything you need to know about today’s saints



Monday, January 17, 2022, the Saint of Saint Anthony Abbot among other names that are celebrated today according to the Christian Saints.

Died centenarian, in the year 356, San Antonio was, above all, a hermit dedicated to the contemplative life. Born into a wealthy family in the year 250, after the death of his parents, he gives up his assets, which he donates to the poor, and begins a retired life of penance. Fifteen years later he settles in an old fortress, located not far from the Red Sea, from where he went to the people to ask for prayer and consolation. He dedicated his last years to the fight against Arianism together with Saint Athanasius.

On this Monday, January 17, 2022, the Catholic Church celebrates the saint of Amalberto, Jenaro Sánchez Delgadillo, Julián Saba, Leonila, Marcelo Obispo, Rosalina, Sulpicio Pío..

Although today is known for Saint Anthony Abbot and with which the Christian religion honors 655,030 people in Spain.

The saints celebrated today are collected in the Roman martyrology and that is where they are officially extracted from. It is an encyclopedia that the Vatican is updating to include the canonizations that take place each year.

This festivity has ensured that, at least once a year, Christians can celebrate the day on which the saint who bears his name was canonized. But what does this mean? celebrate the saint it is to celebrate the exemplary life of those Christians who preceded us and who bear our name. And, although it has less and less impact on society compared to previous times, there are many who still actively enjoy this day.

Right here you can consult the complete list of saintly that we can commemorate today Monday, January 17, 2022 in reference to the Catholic tradition that has to do with Spain. Discover who are the saints or saints that you can congratulate today, in

Today’s name day January 17

The saints are much broader for each day. Today it is not only Saint Anthony Abbot but we also celebrate the onomastics from:

  • Amalberto
  • Jenaro Sanchez Delgadillo
  • Julian Saba
  • Leonila
  • Marcelo Bishop
  • Rosalina
  • Sulpice Pius.

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