May 18, 2022 4:04 pm

Unlimited violence in Rosario: gunmen executed a pregnant woman and shot her nine-year-old daughter

ROSARIO.– The two assassins went up the stairs to the second floor and when they reached the victim’s apartment they asked for Débora Andino and entered. In just a few seconds, the 31-year-old woman who was in her sixth month of pregnancy was shot in the head, and her nine-year-old daughter was also shot..

The minor was operated on this morning after suffering a cardiac arrest and her condition is delicate. She is admitted to intensive care at the Children’s Hospital in Rosari.o The projectile entered through one of her shoulders and exited through the area of ​​her liver.

Behind this bloody homicide appears a drug trafficking plot, which has as one of the protagonists to the brother of the victim, who was arrested last August with fractionated cocaine for sale.

This murder caused a stir in the western part of this city, where so far this year ten murders have been committed. An average of one bloody victim every 38 hours.

A few minutes before this murder, another violent episode occurred in which a nine-year-old boy was the victim.

The apartment where the victim lived

On a soccer field in the La Cerámica neighborhood, in the north of the city, a confrontation between gangs took place. A boy playing ball in Bouchard and JJ Pérez was shot in the leg. The bullet caused an open fracture in the tibia and he was referred to the Children’s Hospital, where he is hospitalized out of danger.

When the storm that hit Rosario began to brew, with a sky that seemed to give off flashes and the rain began to cool the city, a homicide occurred in the western part of the city that, due to its characteristics, caused a strong commotion in the residents of Viamonte to 7200.

Two men went up the stairs of the building where Débora Andino lived. At home he was with his brother, who had recently been released from prison for being involved in a drug trafficking case.

“Sold for the Romeros”, said a source from the investigation, referring to a gang from the north of Rosario, which is in conflict with the Los Monos gang in that territory.

The gunmen entered the apartment and in a few seconds executed the 31-year-old woman, who was in her sixth pregnancy, with a shot to the head.

“Don’t tell her she’s pregnant”shouted Lucas Andino, the victim’s brother. But the assassins ignored him. The woman died almost instantly from a bullet to the skull.

His nine-year-old daughter was shot in the shoulder and exited through the liver area. It pierced almost half his body, and caused very serious injuries. The minor is in serious condition. It is not yet clear to investigators whether she was injured by a ricochet or because the gunmen shot her.

Behind this bloody event, with a pregnant woman and a girl as a victim, there is a plot linked to the sale of drugs. As pointed out to THE NATION sources of the investigation, the woman would have been in charge of the drug business after her brother was arrested in August 2020.

According to the sources, Lucas Andino was part of the Los Romero gang’s drug dealing gear, an organization that is based in Nuevo Alberdi, in the north of the city, but that is in permanent tension with Los Monos due to the fight territory for the sale of cocaine.

One of the investigators warned that that area of ​​Viamonte at 7200, where the crime scene was, has long been dominated by a sector of the Los Monos gang. The hegemony of that area for the drug trade is held by Ariel Maximiliano Cantero, alias Chanchón, who is imprisoned in the Piñero prison after being sentenced to 14 years in prison for the murder of drug trafficker Cristian Ibarra.

Police sources do not rule out that the crime of the pregnant woman is not linked to these conflicts between gangs over territory to feed the drug sales business.

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