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Two years after the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa: how the night of Villa Gesell changed and what happened to the Le Brique bowling alley

Villa Gesell (Special envoy). It’s 2 am on Sunday and the rain is torrential in Villa companion. There is a blackout that covers several blocks and both 3rd Avenue and the surrounding streets begin to flood. Even so, hundreds of young people walk in the same direction: they advance under the storm towards the Dixit bowling alley, located in the center of the city, hoping to get a ticket.

Up to this point in the story, it could give the impression that it is just another night in a seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, but it is far from it. Both tourists and local authorities agree on this point: there was a before and after the brutal murder of Fernando Báez Sosa in 2020 at the hands of a gang.

March and mass for the anniversary of the death of Fernando Baez Sosa, in Villa Gesell, Province of Buenos Aires. On January 18, 2021 (archive)Thomas Cuesta

Just hours after the adolescent’s crime is two years old, some data must be added to the postcard described at the beginning of this note. For example, what draws the attention of those who had already visited the Gesellino center is the massive police presence. On foot or in quads, motorcycles, cars and trucks, mount guards and walk the area from end to end. Nothing seems to be off his radar.

Police personnel control the entrance to the Dixit bowling alley
Police personnel control the entrance to the Dixit bowling alleyHernán Zenteno – THE NATION

The situation does not go unnoticed by the young people and adolescents who walk the streets, who in dialogue with THE NATION describe the situation better than anyone else. “There have been many changes since what happened with Fernando. What happened was terrible and that is why today there are controls everywhere, which is great”, they affirm in front of Dixit Raiquen (23) and Ezequiel (19), two young people who have been visiting Gesell for years. And they add: “With the controls we are fine and You don’t see fights anymore: the bowling alley you go to is full of policemen”.

For its part, Juliet (21) complains because the disco reached its capacity and you will no longer be able to enter with your friends. “They put their cap back on. In addition there are controls everywhere, even in the after beach that are done on the beach. Last night we went to Pueblo Limite -the bowling alley located at the entrance of Villa Gesell- and if we can’t get in here now there is no other place to go”, claims.

The young woman’s anger reveals another important change in the resort town: Dixit became the only bowling alley available in the downtown area. Is that The Brick, the nightclub in the vicinity of which Fernando Báez Sosa was beaten to death, it has not reopened its doors since the summer of 2020.

The nightclub is the only one available in the city center
The nightclub is the only one available in the city centerHernán Zenteno – THE NATION

According to how this medium was able to reconstruct, the premises located on Avenida 3 and Calle 102 closed a week after the teenager’s crime and then reopened in February for 15 days in a climate of strong social unrest. Then it closed forever.

In 2021, as a result of the Covid pandemic, the bowling alleys could not open. Nevertheless, this year they were authorized and Le Brique, unlike Dixit and Town Limitstill don’t do it. The reasons are unknown. in the account of Facebook of the premises, which is still open, there is no allusive statement and sources close to the owners assure that these they do not wish to make any statements in this regard.

in front of the disco, meters from the place where Fernando was beaten to death, photographs of the teenager surround a tree that serves as a reminder of what happened on January 18. “Justice is perpetual”, requires one of the signs located next to the images. Across the avenue lies an abandoned Le Brique in the dark.

The reminder of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa in front of the Le Brique bowling alley
The reminder of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa in front of the Le Brique bowling alleyHernán Zenteno – THE NATION

In dialogue with this medium, Emiliano Felice, Secretary of Tourism of Villa Gesell, highlights an additional change in the night of the city: there are fewer young people than two years ago.

“We are seeing fewer youth groups and undoubtedly the family gained ground. You see families with little children and also with teenagers,” he points out and clarifies: “But we We do not believe that it is a direct effect of what happened with Fernando, but rather that with the issue of the pandemic, the families agreed and vacationed more together”. It also acknowledges that “the supply of bowling alleys is also lower and there are no longer any card holders, which makes it look less crowded at night.”

On the other hand, the Gesellin Secretary of Security, Mauricio Anderson, underlines the increase in police and of control agents that there were this season.

“This year we have a lot of police personnel. There are 60 motorcycles from the Motorized Prevention Group (GPM) that run throughout the city and the beach. We had a reinforcement of 900 police officers from the different specialties”, he details and adds: “The truth is that it is a very important number with which We seek to accompany young people and that something like what happened does not happen again.”

Police everywhere and little supply of bowling alleys at night in Gesell
Police everywhere and little supply of bowling alleys at night in GesellHernan Zenteno

In line with the complaints of young people at the entrance to the bowling alleys, Anderson highlights the controls that are also carried out in terms of capacity. “In the Pueblo Limit complex, the capacity is 4,800 people and in Dixit, which is in the center of the city, 639. The entry of people is until 4 and the capacity is controlled both electronically and by inspectors from the municipality “, he assures.

Lastly, tell about the riot protocol which is implemented today in Gesell: “In case there is a fight inside the dance bars, one of the parties is removed and the other remains inside the premises. Then, it coordinates with the police outside so as not to leave these people on public roads. Meanwhile, when the premises close, a police corridor to accompany young people and discourage any kind of incidents. This is also done on the beach until 8 in the morning”.

The entrance of Pueblo Limit on the outskirts of the city
The entrance of Pueblo Limit on the outskirts of the cityHernan Zenteno – THE NATION

In statements to THE NATION, Grace Sosa, Fernando’s mother, positively evaluated the increase in controls in the Gesellin night, but regretted her irreparable cost.

“Since what happened with my son, security has increased a lot and that is very sad. Perhaps if they had done it before, such a great misfortune could have been avoided. like ours. We lost the best we had in our life, to our son”, he expressed.

Together with Fernando’s father, Silvino, Graciela will travel this Tuesday to the seaside town, where there will be an act on the occasion of the new anniversary of the crime. “This is the second time we go, but the first time we I’m going to be at the place where my son was murdered. Stepping on it will be very strong and I hope to be prepared for that day”, he concluded.

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