May 22, 2022 7:31 am


Architecture and urbanism show their credentials to enter the club of Fine Arts; the photograph endorses them. Here, the Paul-Löbe building, part of the german bundestag. Much has been said about the open and glazed structure of this construction and the obvious metaphor: where the representatives of the people work, what must prevail is transparency. There is another element, not necessarily linked with the arduous exercise of democratic life (or maybe yes): beauty. The Paul-Löbe radiates it, as much as does the photographer who managed to capture the reflection of the construction – light, translucent, close – on the waters of the Spree River. And what is a gesture open to citizens, if not the management of a basically friendly space; a place where officials go about their business while someone pushes a stroller on a ride telling you, “this is your place, too.”

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