May 21, 2022 6:29 pm

This is what Monster Hunter Rise looks like on PC with 8K resolution and ray-tracing

Monster Hunter Rise It’s been a few days since its release on PC and achieved that thousands of players can enjoy the installment without having the Nintendo Switch, the platform on which it was born.

Title was released on January 12 on Steam, in the midst of much expectation to be able to play it on PC. One of the great virtues was the graphical improvement provided by the devices over the Nintendo consoles.

In addition to a higher number of frames per second, adds the possibility of playing in 8K resolution and con ray-tracing on an Nvidia RTX 3090.

According to the test carried out by the Digital Dreams YouTube channel, the delivery performs well even at its maximum graphic capacity. Running the game in 8K, it remains stable around 60 frames per second. If the resolution is kept at 4K, it increases to between 100 and 120 frames.

Along with the different graphic options that are offered from the menu, the game takes advantage of the capacity of the PC and its components. In real time, shows the consumption that the graphic memory is having and compares with the total so that it is not exceeded.

Monster Hunter Rise trailer for PC

Like several of the PC releases of games that were console originals, can be used quietly using mouse and keyboard, without the need to connect a joystick. In any case, that is left to the choice and preference of the user.

In addition to having the interesting depth and verticality of the scenarios, the new version also adds much improved lighting. The only drawback is seen in the textures, which were a bit affected by the huge increase in resolution.

As for the general analysis of the game, the reviews of the specialized sites are positive and agree that the virtues were maintained which had the original Capcom installment on console.

This is what Monster Hunter Rise looks like on PC (Screenshot)

One of the characteristics that had been pointed out at the time with respect to other deliveries was the gameplay. The inclusion of Canyne, beyond being useful as an ally at the time of combat, has a very important role in the exploration of the scenario, which is now no longer dependent on the character’s stamina and can be carried out more freely.

Along the same lines, the Chordopter also functions as a great spawn that expands the player’s possibilities.

In general terms, the analyzes and the reception of the users agree that it is a very positive delivery for the fans and that undoubtedly contributes to the experience with the saga.

The PC release so far includes all the content that was included in version 3.6.1 of the Nintendo Switch. By the end of February, Capcom announced simultaneous content and updates on both platforms.

Despite this, one of the shortcomings that was marked in this regard was the lack of crossplay (that is, users of the game on Steam can interact with those on Switch in the same session). In addition, it was also not possible to transfer the progress that was made on the console to the new version that was released on Steam a few days ago.

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