May 15, 2022 12:04 pm

They await a key expert opinion to define the fate of Pity Álvarez

Justice awaits a new medical and psychiatric report on the musician Cristian “Pity” Álvarez to define whether he will be put on trial for the murder of a neighbor committed in July 2018 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Lugano. “Quarterly they must send us medical reports, the next one will arrive in February,” a judicial source with access to the case told Télam.

Meanwhile, the former leader of Viejas Locas e Intoxicados remains hospitalized in a therapeutic center in the Buenos Aires town of Castelar, where he was transferred from the headquarters of the Argentine Interministerial Mental Health Program (Prisma), of the Ezeiza Penitentiary Complex, where he was detained for the crime of Cristian Maximiliano Díaz, 36 years old.

According to the sources, the oral debate continues on hold since in February 2021 the Justice considered that the musician was not in a mental condition to face the process.

Due to this situation, last April, the members of the Criminal and Correctional Oral Court (TOC) 29, Gustavo Goerner, Juan María Ramos Padilla and María Cecilia Maiza, resolved, in line with what was stated by the prosecutor Sandro Abraldes in his opinion, to cease the preventive detention of Álvarez, 49, considering that “it is not constitutionally valid to maintain precautionary imprisonment for an absolutely indeterminate period of time, since it is not possible to predict, for the time being, when he will be able to be in mental condition to face oral trial”.

Pity Álvarez, at the time of the arrestArchive

Meanwhile, weeks ago a photograph of the musician went viral with a fan in which he is seen to have a visible weight gain and hair very different from how he used it, posing on public roads. In this regard, a close friend of the musician confirmed to Télam that Pity had gone to an external clinic, since he suffers from “several health problems”.

In November 2020, Álvarez had been admitted to a hospital in the town of Ezeiza to be treated for a peak of diabetes. “Diabetes is recent, caused by apathy and poor attention from the State, especially in that prison,” Cristina Congiú, the musician’s mother, complained at the time.

Congiú said that in 2021 his son was infected with coronavirus, for which he was admitted to intensive care at the Muñiz hospital, in the Parque Patricios neighborhood. “Cristian had a very bad time because of the tremendous abandonment of a person he suffered in prison,” said the woman, adding that “what happened to his illness was acquired there because of the isolation and lack of attention.”

The event for which the singer is accused occurred around midnight on July 12, 2018 in front of the access door to Tower 12 B in the Samoré neighborhood, in Dellepiane Sur and Escalada Avenue, in Villa Lugano. According to the accusation, Álvarez left there with his girlfriend and suddenly Díaz, an acquaintance from the neighborhood, approached them with whom he began a conversation that led to an argument.

Witnesses affirmed that Díaz pushed and tried to hit Pity, at which point he took out a pistol and fired a first shot at his face and then finished him off with three more bullets.

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