May 22, 2022 8:25 am

There was confusion and complaints due to a technical error by Banco Nación in the accreditation of the Pre-Trip

At the beginning of the second tourist fortnight in January, hundreds of users took to social networks to express their anger at the lack of accreditation of the plan’s reimbursement benefit Pre-Trip. Many tourists, from their summer destinations, still cannot enjoy the official program.

Although they successfully uploaded their pre-trip bills and the full amount to spend was credited, there are those who still do not have the Banco Nación card enabled to make purchases on their vacations.

Official sources of the portfolio of Tourism and Sports, in charge of Matthias Lammens, they clarified, in dialogue with THE NATION, which is a technical problem of Banco Nación. “The people who began to travel between the 16th and the 17th were not credited with the money, but between 8 and 9 pm today they are credited. It is already in the process of being solved”, they indicated.

“The system exploded because a bottleneck was created due to excess demand”, explained from Banco Nación, and warned that the solution for people who are starting their trips between yesterday and today will soon be resolved.

According to sources from the Ministry of Tourism, the error should be solved in the next few hoursmauro Rizzi

“The mechanisms are being adjusted so that everything is more orderly”, they recognized. In addition, they commented that they respond to some queries on social networks, although due to the number of affected users, not all could receive an answer.

Although the majority of vacationers who protest on social networks fall into the affected window of those who began their vacation between January 16 and 17, many others claim they traveled days ago.

Juan Ignacio Vedani arrived in Mendoza last Friday, January 14 and still did not see the amount credited on the Banco Nación card. “We are a lot. We are at the destination, within the expected dates, and we cannot use the card since the funds were not deposited”, he detailed.

He pointed out that since November 2021 he presented the invoices to start the Pre-Trip process and that he received the card in that same month.

Ricardo Martinez, meanwhile, he traveled to Villa Gesell on January 8 and is now back in his hometown. However, he assured that he had not yet seen the money reflected on the card. Despite his calls to the bank’s phone, he said that he did not get his query answered.

“I had processed PreViaje for two occasions: one in January and the other in February,” said Martínez. “In January I went to Villa Gesell for 3 nights, but the money was never credited and now I am worried because in February I need to have the amount deposited, bearing in mind that it is an important sum, given that I am going to Bariloche for 13 days”, Held.

The case of Paloma M. is different. “I had no problems with the accreditation in the MiArgentina app because the balance is validated, butYesterday I started my trip and in the first purchase I made I got ‘insufficient balance‘” she said, worried, from her vacation.

“The reality is that I was never able to access my balance,” lamented Paloma, who has already tried to pay with the Pre-Trip credit at three different stores. “The bank does not respond. We already called and were on hold for more than an hour because the operators are collapsed “, he added.

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