May 17, 2022 8:17 am

The video that shows that all our lives we use pillows wrong to travel

According to what a video posted on TikTok, a large part of the people who make long trips have lived wrong. Specifically, regarding the correct use of the “u” shaped pillow that is used to sleep on airplanes, or on long-distance buses. Apparently, most people use this gadget exactly the opposite of how it should be used.

“Almost everyone misuses a travel pillow”, begins by saying a voiceover from a video uploaded to the TikTok account Genial_official, dedicated to publishing curiosities and tricks to make domestic life easier.

The video that proves that we always misuse travel pillows.

In the video images you can see the entire plane ticket and then the image of a man trying to fall asleep in one of the seats with the traditionally placed travel pillow. That is, with the opening of the “u” of the cushion pointing forward and the part of the pillow itself resting on the nape of the neck.

While this image is displayed, the voice in off of the recording explains: “Usually the two u-shaped ends of the cushion face forward.. This, which is the way this gadget is usually used, would be the wrong position.

Not like that: the usual way of using the travel pillow is also the wrong wayTikTok / @genial_

Later, the announcer of the video explains: “The correct position is to turn the pillow to the other side. The bow should be under the chin and the two ends should point backwards.”. Meanwhile, in the images, a celestial travel pillow that floats in the air it takes the “correct” position and flies towards the neck of a female passenger.

With the image of two female passengers with the pillow tucked under their chins, the voice that speaks on the recording concludes: “Your neck will feel much more comfortable in this position and you will have a good nap.”

To close the video, while a passenger sleeps with the pillow in the correct position, she is heard emitting a slight snore, enough to show how effective it is to use the travel cushion properly.

So, yes: the passenger uses the travel pillow under her chin, which is the correct way to use the gadget
So, yes: the passenger uses the travel pillow under her chin, which is the correct way to use the gadgetTikTok / @genial_official

The video, which lasts just 20 seconds, was uploaded with the following caption: “We have used this wrong all our lives”. And, unsurprisingly, it went viral. In just two days it was seen by 270,000 people. In addition, it received dozens of comments from users surprised by what was an absolute novelty for them.

“A life wasted”; “Interesting. I will try that on my next flight”; “It’s true, I use it like this and it’s super comfortable”were some of the comments.

of course also there were TikTok users who were not convinced by the message of the video and they gave vent to their disbelief through ridicule. “And the shoes must be worn on the hands”; “I used it as a hat”; “Nothing to see. I travel very comfortably always in the normal positiondifferent people defiantly wrote in the comments.

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