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The Pole told an unusual anecdote about how he met Karina La Princesita: “I went to touch her ankles”

The Polish was visiting the program The Night of the V (America), conducted by Flower of the V, where he gave details of how did you meet Karina the little princess, the artist who was his partner for several years and mother of his first daughter, Sol. The singer recalled an unusual anecdote about the first contact he had with the interpreter of “Liar”.

When you fall in love, you don’t think that it won’t work or that you’re going to suffer. We were very young, we both started very low. We have our daughter Solcito, who is going to turn 15, who sings like her mother, spectacular,” she said. Ezequiel Cwirkaluk, as is his real name.

The Pole told how he met Karina La Princesita

Faced with this statement, the driver wanted to know: “How did that couple start?”. And the interpreter of “Stop crying” replied: “I was in my first group, where I later became a soloist and she was already Karina. One day I went to see her at a West Zone bowling alley. I didn’t have a handle, I don’t even know how I got there. I didn’t know what she was playing, I went because I wanted to go dancing with my friends”.

In this sense, the artist recalled that around five in the morning the meeting with who would later be his partner took place. “I had a few beers, I don’t know why at one point I went to touch her ankles and I told him ´there is another singer who does not even reach my ankles´. She was with the boyfriend and at the bottom I told him ‘you are also very pretty’ “, he recalled with a laugh, and concluded: “That’s how it all started.”

The daughter of El Polaco and Barby Silenzi improvised a song from her father and was all the rage on the networks

April Cwirkaluk was born in June 2020, but already It has its own Instagram where more than 85 thousand users follow her. All the posts and stories that appear there are managed by their parents, as they make clear in the description: “Account supervised by my Mom and my Dad.” As if having her own account wasn’t enough, the little girl is also the protagonist in her mom’s and dad’s Instagram posts.

Judging by the images, it seems that the girl will follow in the footsteps of Ezequiel in the music industry. In a recent video that went viral, you can see the girl sing part of a song by the musician.Look how it sounds, yes, El Polaco”, Says the subject while the little girl who is just learning to speak tries to imitate the phonetics of the song. At one point, he stops and looks at the musician, to whom he says: “No, dad”. Then, he grabs the phone that is playing the material and it is not known what happens because the filming ends there. In less than 24 hours, the publication exceeded 162 thousand reproductions and added hundreds of comments.

April, the daughter of Barby Silenzi and El Polaco, singing a song by her father

The song that Abril sings in the tender video that her father shared on the networks is the remix of “The manual”, the original theme of The Plant that the artist covered with migrants, and which became a summer hit.

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