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The Crown: an image of the next season was leaked that the crown prefers to forget

The long-awaited fifth season of The Crown, the series that tells the story of the British crown from the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II, will only be released in November. But, as time goes by, unpublished images of what we will see are becoming known and expectations are increasing. That is what has just happened with a simple photograph that advances the events that will be told in the 1990s.

In the image of the shoot that was leaked a few days ago Elizabeth Debicki, the actress who plays Lady Di in her adult stage, is seen, sitting on a platform with Salim Dau, the Israeli actor who put himself in the shoes of Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father, the last couple of the princess.

The Crown: Lady Di in her adult stage, sitting in a gallery with Salim Dau, the Israeli actor who played Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father

of photography it can be deduced that the fifth season will reach the last period of Lady Di’s life, already divorced and in a relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed, heir to Harrods, the Fulham Football Club and the Ritz Hotel. It is one of the most uncomfortable stages for the crown, which denied the princess a divorce until a year before her death.

Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, will have a major role in the next installment of the series because it is said that he spent large sums of money to prove that the tragic car accident in Paris that ended the lives of his son and Diana was, in fact, a conspiracy by the British secret services.

It is estimated that the fifth season of the series will not arrive until after the death of Princess Diana
It is estimated that the fifth season of the series will not arrive until after the death of Princess Diana

The controversial series about the British crown always had problems filming in the places where the historical events of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family took place. Already in the first seasons, the production had to recreate the settings of Buckingham, Windsor, Balmoral and even Westminster Abbey.

But nevertheless, never before had they received so many rejections to film the fifth season which is expected to be one of the most controversial and problematic of all for the crown.

In this case, There were two locations that flatly refused to lend their spaces for filming. One of them was Althorp House, the house where Princess Diana spent her childhood and where she is buried.

Currently, it is owned by Charles Spencer, brother of the late princess, who, although he has a part of the mansion open to the public, flatly refused to allow Netflix to enter with its cameras. The reason is that he does not agree with how the series shows his sister and he feels that he should honor her memory.

Another of the places that refused to film the series in its facilities is the EtonCollege. Prince William and Prince Harry were there when their parents divorced and their mother died the following year.

But nevertheless, the people behind this exclusive institution flatly refused to lend their facilities for recording. “We don’t want to have anything to do with The Crown”, they commented on off with local media.

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