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Summer Tournament: Boca opens its 2022 against Colo Colo with 10 casualties: five due to injuries and five due to decisions by Sebastián Battaglia

There are no beaches, neither mountains nor sierras. The Summer Tournament 2022 is played in the Student House, the stage one, from At payment. And this Monday at 21, Boca will be released, who since the first game of the year cannot lose, against colo colo. Winning and drawing are the results that serve to have chances to define the contest, which will end on January 25.

The opening took place on Friday, with the classic that Colo Colo beat Universidad de Chile 2-1 in group A, and the championship continued on Saturday, when San Lorenzo beat Independiente 1-0 in zone B. although the death of a red fan after a confrontation between barrabravas and picketers who blocked the highway, made the day mournful.

Colo Colo’s victory prevents the xeneizes from stumbling: a fall by Boca would automatically cause the Chilean team to qualify for the final. For the confrontation, of which a historical chapter is always remembered -the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores in 1991 that ended in a pitched battle in Santiago and with the classification of the Cacique-, the technical director Sebastián Battaglia, that awaits the incorporation of Darío Benedetto, would enlist a “headline” formation, full of first-rate players on the squad. The salient note is the presence of Gaston Avila, who returned from his loan at Rosario Central.

Nicolás Orsini, one of the pieces that will be filmed at the start of the 2022 adventure; last year injuries took the pace away from the striker.Javier Garcia Martino – Photogamma

Boca takes the test to begin to take shape with a view to the Professional League Cup (it will start the second weekend of February and Boca will visit Colón in Santa Fe) and the Liberators cup, the great obsession of the xeneizes every year, won for the last time in 2007 and whose composition of the group stage will be drawn on March 23. Third among the priorities appears the Argentine Cup, in which he already has a rival for the 32nd final (Central Córdoba, from Rosario), although there is no date in the calendar.

Discerning which is the ideal team of a club at this time of year is difficult: with the transfer market open, offers from abroad are tempting and the coffers are hungry for dollars. But there is also a component that since 2020 has altered the planning: just as injuries used to cause discomfort in the coaching staff, particularly during the preseason, now the coronavirus has become a silent enemy.

For tonight’s meeting Battaglia dispensed with ten footballers. red frames He was the last on the list and that is why Ávila takes the post in the central defense. The Colombian Jorman Campazuno (sprained right knee), Norbert Birasco (ankle sprain); Valentine Boat (trauma to the left knee) and Marcelo Weigandt, who is recovering from an operation on his right shoulder (dislocated in October) are on leave due to injuries. And another five do not appear on the payroll to play with Colo Colo by decision of the coach.

Agustín Almendra held an exchange of views with Battaglia about his position on the field;  He was left out of the premiere and now his future in Boca is uncertain.
Agustín Almendra held an exchange of views with Battaglia about his position on the field; He was left out of the premiere and now his future in Boca is uncertain.Boca Juniors Press

One is Augustine Almond, who argued with Battaglia over the position in the field. The midfielder does not want to play in the right sector and disappeared from the first test of 2022. Cristian Pavon he can emigrate to Mexican soccer –Cruz Azul would be the destination– and he was disaffected. A Peruvian man Carlos Zambrano It was left out of the consideration of the DT and a new course would be the best for the parties. Ramon Abila Y Matthew Retegui they returned from their loans, they do not fit into the plans and will surely be negotiated.

Colo Colo, meanwhile, is directed by the Argentinian-Bolivian Gustavo Quinteros and has Leonardo Gil, Paul Solari Y John Martin Lucero, who arrived as a reinforcement from Vélez Sarsfield.

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